Capri Clear giveaway (and random fun from our house)

I was asked recently to try out a sample of Capriclear Soothing Oil.  The only ingredient in this spray-on moisturizer is fractionated coconut oil. I’ve learned so many good things about coconut oil in recent years that I loved the idea of trying it as a spray. Awhile back I tried out another spray-on moisturizer, and loved the convenience of the spray bottle, but found that it didn’t last long on my Ethiopian daughters’ very dry skin.  In addition, one of my daughters is very sensitive to fragrances, and because of this she has almost given up on moisturizers.

WilonaThis spray goes on very light and after being rubbed in,  it absorbs nicely and lasts well.  Several times I even used it in my girls’ hair, to add some shine and extra moisturizing. I liked the way it worked for that purpose too. The spray was billed as perfect for babies, due to it being only one ingredient and fragrance free. So after trying it at our house for a few days, I handed it off to my daughter to try with her baby, whose skin was a little broken out at the time.  Amanda reported that it worked well for little Wilona and seemed very soothing.

I will be giving away a bottle of Capri Clear to one reader early next week.  If you are interested in entering the drawing, comment below and tell me something interesting that is happening at your house this month.

Lidya and HenryAs for us, we are chugging along with school, trying not to get too tired of it all.  We have an ambitious schedule this year and I’m hoping we can keep up so we can have a long Christmas break like we usually do.  The biggest two things on the list are high school Chemistry  (Apologia) which I am hoping to complete in ONE year, AND an essay a month for everyone.  Writing and editing can take lots of time, and Chem is very time consuming as well.

So far, the most exciting thing this month that has happened is that our 18 year old daughter Lidya was invited by her friend Henry to go to the homecoming dance at his school.  We had great fun shopping for her dress (yet another score for thrift shopping!) and also adding a bit of bling to the dress.  She and Henry had a very nice evening, first going to Outback for dinner with some friends  (where an anonymous stranger paid for ALL their dinners) and then off to the dance. Such fun!

Writing is going well.  I’ve got 7 out of 10 chapters pretty much pulled together.  However, I keep thinking of more and more I need to write about!  Hopefully I will have it all pulled together within the next month or so.  I’d love to get it turned in early, but we’ll see.

I’m starting to keep my eyes open for fun Christmas ideas for my clan– with so many people to shop for, I always need to start thinking early. These days the grandbabies are the easiest to shop for, and the teens are more challenging.

Little baby Ali is getting bigger.  Isn’t she sweet?


Looking forward to hearing what’s going on in your world!


  1. We are making Halloween costumes!

  2. coraly harlan says:

    Her dress is gorgeous!!

  3. i am baking with pumpkin

  4. Something exciting at my house this month is Donn and I returning to Mauritania for the first time since we left in 2007. That was a long time ago. We are unbelievably excited to see all our old friends!! Another something exciting is that the twins are staying here so as not to miss that much school (also the funding wasn’t there to include them). That should be exciting! We have someone staying with them, but still. Sometimes I imagine all sorts of mayhem ensuing, and I suspect I will never know all that goes on.

  5. My comment disappeared so if this shows up twice, that’s why. I’m retyping.

    Something exciting going on this month at our house is that in 9 days (AUGGHHHH!!! I’m not ready!!!!!!!) Donn and I will be traveling to Mauritania for the first time since we left in 2007. We are incredibly excited to see all our friends again! Can’t wait! Another exciting thing is that the 16 year old twins will be staying home, as they can’t miss that much school. Someone is staying with them, but i still like to lie awake at night and think of the all the mayhem that will probably ensue. I also suspect I will never know all that goes on….

  6. My second son got his learner’s permit and also went on his first date (also to a homecoming dance.) My third child used her birthday money to buy a Princess Leia costume, and my husband already owned a Darth Vader costume to wear while they are trick-or-treating!

  7. Baby #2 for us is due November 11th so I’m doing some nesting and just getting things in order with freezer meals, making space for her in our tiny house and getting new carpet that will be installed VERY close to my due date. Here’s hoping the house gets put back together before I go into labor!

  8. Your blog is so fun to read! We are enjoying the fall-ish weather here in Arizona and pleasant walks at night. Thankfully, things are calm around here at the moment, so nothing very interesting to report. I have been busily counting my many blessings and just enjoying my life!

  9. Waiting for 2 nephews to be born in the next month. My 18 yr. old got his wisdom teeth out yesterday. Joined a new homeschool co-op with my 9 year old. Enjoying gorgeous weather in Oregon!

  10. My daughter and I are headed for her first college visit. It is amazing to me that we are at this point in her life already!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Our family just returned from a bridal shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law! My brother is 40 years old and has never been married. Our family has prayed and prayed for him to find a godly wife and our prayers were finally answered. What joy to celebrate with family and friends!

  12. OHHHH the pudgy baby cheeks…… oh!!

  13. How beautiful she looks! Excited to be my dd’s room mother this year.

  14. While the guys are gone hunting, we girls are doing extra shopping, watching “girl” movies, having a sleepover in my room (just one night, thankfully!), and doing scrapbooking and crafts together. I love your blogs; keep them coming!

  15. I was able to go out to California (from NE) this past weekend to attend my nieces baptism. I took my middle child for a little one on one time. It was a nice break!

  16. “Working long hours every day” may be reality but definitely does not sound like “something interesting that is happening at your house” so let’s go with helping my baby sister celebrate her [real] 39th birthday.

  17. The big news here is that my husband just sent of a signed contract to Christian Focus Publications who is publishing his first book. It should be out late 2014!

  18. There’s always lots going on in our blended family of 5 daughters, 2 of whom are adopted from China. Our girls range in age from 8 to 20, and it is amazing how well they all get along! Our October includes 2 birthdays, 3 band competitions, All County band try-outs, 1 art competition, 3 field trips (I work, but I try to make it to these), and weekends filled with art, flute, drum, piano and guitar lessons. Life is busy, but very sweet : )

  19. I am drying more bananas and working on hemming my kids new pants. Why isn’t there a size 3 1/2?

  20. This month, we are making plans to attend our daughter’s senior piano recital! It will be a fun trip, and a sweet weekend to celebrate her hard work.

  21. Our 18 month old daughter is starting to talk 🙂 I have a bunch of tomatoes to can, and we are going to the pumpkin patch next weekend!

  22. My nephews visited. Boys are so much more active than girls. Or at least these two were.

  23. We are entertaining bids to replace some windows in our house. Not very exciting, especially with all the other emergencies we seem to be getting hit by. Winter is coming!


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