I want to try these lovely Buffalo Chicken Rollups  (from Can You Stay For Dinner) with these gluten free wrappers.

We tried this Indian Lentil Soup (from Green Kitchen Stories) the other day and really liked it.

This Dark Chocolate Coconut Pudding (from An Edible Mosaic)  is on my list to make tomorrow.

These Nutella Cheesecake Pots look completely yummy also!

knit tunic

And just for fun, here are a few little-girl clothing projects that I pinned recently:

This  knitted tunic pattern  (shown at right) is darling!

I’d love to make this ruched leg warmers for my little girl.

And this sweet crochet crochet turban pattern makes me think I really need to learn how to crochet.  The darlingness!







  1. This post has prompted this reply which I am hoping is not in the minority of people who look at this website. I miss the posts about life with a large family, your personal accomplishments and how you find the time, how homeschooling is going for your family, your community interactions, etc.
    I have never been on this site and my adult daughters tell me not to think about looking at it. They have told me while they have gotten some ideas, they have spent way too much time on it. One daughter made a goal of not accessing that site for a month a while ago and it has now been three months since she was on it… amazed at the time she has in her days. Two other daughters went ‘cold turkey’ from computer usage all together and we are all the fortunate recipients of many phone calls and hand-written letters. My sister and her husband quit using the internet for anything other than what was needed for work-related issues and are amazed at the time they have in each day.
    I go to this website and two others to look at what has been posted every once in a while (when I can use library computer) and email my children around the world which is all I use the computer for outside of work related jobs.
    While I love the accessibility the computer and internet gives us, I feel that we are losing our ability to interact with a human person for some of the simpliest things.

    • Hi Laura,
      Thanks for your feedback, I’m always interested to hear which posts people enjoy the most. Currently I am juggling a bit more than usual, with a demanding school year (many teens being very productive) and a book deadline just 7 weeks away. But I hope after that to get back to more posting about family,frugality, homeschooling and other central interests of mine.
      Thanks, as always, for writing!

  2. Id love to know what you think of that pudding and the nutella pots =). Im grateful for you posting pictures of how you make indoor smores – the kids love making them that way.

  3. Did you end up making the pudding? If so, what did you think? Im so grateful that you posted the picture of making indoor smores- the kids love doing it that way.

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