Frugal finds

Yesterday three of my daughters and I went to a HUGE kiddy consignment clothing sale, big enough to fill what used to be a Toys’R’Us store. It was the first day, and we got there a couple hours into the sale.  The checkout line was already snaking around the inside perimeter of the entire building.  The girls and I divided to conquer.  I spent just a few minutes hunting down the main thing that I wanted– a good toddler-size car seat that I could keep strapped into my van, to make it easier to take the grandbabies erranding with me.  I found a nice one, a Britax Marathon (almost identical to this one) for a cool $75.  Not bad.

Then I got into the checkout line while my oldest two daughters continued to shop and my youngest perused the toys.  After half an hour or so of waiting, Amanda was still going strong, but Erika was done shopping for Ranger’s winter wardrobe, so Erika came and stood in line with her loot, and I went off with Julianna to find her some clothes. Here’s Ranger showing off some of his new clothes.  (He and cousin Ascher spent the morning playing at Erika’s with some of their aunties, which make the shopping trip a bit less complicated.)

Ranger modeling some of his new clothes


Purple dress

Pretty purple dress

I ended up with three complete outfits plus a dress for Julianna for a grand total of $33– not bad at all!  Julianna was glad to have new duds, and was especially thrilled that we found her TWO pair of skinny pants, one grey and one denim with some very cute pockets.  The grey sweatsuit that she is modeling in the second photo also has a jacket, which should be a nice versatile layer this fall.

Ready to work out!

Sweater and grey skinnies

Sweater and grey skinnies

Another to show off her hairdo– she’s had twists all week– they turned out fun.

Skinny jeans and a cute ruffly T

Another to show the length of the T-shirt. So cute and comfy.

(She and Emily had great fun doing a photoshoot this morning to show off our finds. Can you tell? They did it entirely by themselves.)

By the time I got done shopping, Amanda was done too. She found lots of great clothes for her kids, plus a double stroller and a fun tent for Ascher to play in. Another half an hour or so in line– the babies slept in baby carriers on their mommas the whole time— and we were outa there.  All in all, the trip was a great success! 🙂  Great fun to find such cute things for such affordable prices.

Ascher showing off his new tent


  1. Wow, those clothes are so cute, especially the long tee. My little girl is tall and gangly and I have a hard time finding longer shirts for her.
    I love how consignment clothes are in such great condition. I hate buying kids’ clothes at full price because they grow out of them/tear them/stain them so quickly!

    • yes, she’s wearing that T today, and I think it is just about my favorite find– comfy, but girly. (I can’t really get her to wear dresses much these days.)

  2. I am in Kuna. Is this store on Fairview in Boise? I haven’t heard of it.

    • Jacque– It is the Old ToysRUs building on Eagle Road near Fairview. The sale is on this week only, through Sat 3pm– and on Saturday most stuff is half price.

  3. Forget the length of the T-shirt, how about the length of her legs! Holy smokes, she must have hit a heck of a growth spurt. Congrats on finding good deals, though.

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