Breakfast artistry

Most school mornings we get out the flat skillet and the toaster, set out eggs, potatoes and bread, and let kids make their own food. We’ve been doing this long enough that kids all have their own food preferences. The teen girls are brisk and utilitarian: an egg and a piece of toast. Done. But the rest of the kids get creative. One of my teen sons usually makes himself a plateful of nicely sauteed veggies to go with his egg: onion, sweet peppers and mushrooms, sometimes adding kale or spinach if we have it. (He is the healthiest 15yo I know!)  My elementary age girls specialize in beautifully plating their creations. Here’s what my 8 year old did entirely for herself this morning: an egg in a frame, surrounded by sliced peaches and grapes. How could I resist a photo? 🙂

Breakfast3 (800x290)

In other news, the winner of the Knitted Slipper Book is commenter #28 Jillbert of the blog Simply Jill.  If you go to check out her blog, be sure to check out the cool chevrons she painted on the floor of her patio this summer.  SO cute!

I’m making progress on my writing this week!   I hope to have the first half of the book delivered to my publisher for edits by the end of the month.


  1. That breakfast pic looks so yummy! Much nicer than my plain scrambled egg whites. Inspired to do better now…

  2. That’s great! My oldest is only 5, so I’m quite a ways away from independent breakfasts… However, today I did make homemade instant oatmeal mix, which should help our mornings go more smoothly!

  3. coraly harlan says:

    It is our first year of requiring our girls to make their own breakfast. They are 10 and 8. It has been fun to watch them figure out what food is quick and easy and what is not. They have certainly learned that when the alarm goes off get up or they may only have time for cold cereal… not their favorite. They have made pancakes, muffins, scrambled eggs as well as framed eggs! I am really quite proud of them!

  4. I’d love to hear more about your breakfast buffet. What age do the kids start making their own? My biggest challenge is that I don’t want to serve cereal. It’s too expensive and doesn’t keep kids full. I also don’t want to be a short order cook making five different breakfasts. My kids are 5, 5, 7, 10 and 17 (has special needs so cannot cook). How do you handle clean-up too?

    • I let my kids start cooking their own eggs when they are 6 or so, with supervision, of course. Julianna (now 8) has burned herself a time or two, but I’m 46 and I still burn myself too. As far as cleanup, our 8 and 11 year old daughters do the breakfast dishes together. (They have the least schoolwork, and that allows the teens to jump right into their school after breakfast)

  5. I was just wondering what you do with the potatoes? or I should say, what the kids do with the potatoes?

    • Sometimes the kids cut them in super thin slices and fry them on the skillet, and sometimes the potatoes get cut into little squares and get cooked with onions and peppers. It just depends on what they feel like doing that morning.

  6. Those peaches look delicious! Looks like a wonderful breakfast to me!


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