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knitted slippers


Today I’m giving away a copy of a lovely book that came to me for review recently. It is called The Knitted Slipper Book: Slippers and House Shoes for the Entire Family. This collection of 30 designs contains styles for everyone in the family. In addition to knitting instructions, the book teaches you how to do felting, shaping, sizing, attaching soles, linings, and insoles. Some of my favorite designs include tiny-baby Mary Jane style shoes with soft leather soles, and Indian-style moccasins complete with beading.  The author of this book is Katie Startzman and she writes a knitting blog called Duo Fiberworks.

If you would like to win a copy of this book, comment below and tell me about the favorite knitting project you ever did.  For me, it would have to be a soft mint-green baby sweater I knitted for my second-youngest daughter when I was waiting for her to come home.  She and my youngest both ended up wearing it, first as babies, and then into their preschool years as an elbow-length shrug.   I loved it and it held up beautifully.

I’ll choose a book winner next week.  And if you’d like just a little peek inside this book, watch this cute little video.  If you have little children, they’ll enjoy watching it too.



  1. Oh! I love this! Hmmm… I have knitted quite a few scarves, but that’s about it. I am anxious to get back into a knitting project now that it is football season. Makes it easier for me to cozy up on the couch with my fella while he watches. 😉 (Pick me!)

  2. Oh! I LOVE this! I have knitted quite a few scarves but that is about it. I am anxious to pick up a new knitting project now that it is football season. Having something in my hands to do makes it a lot easier for me to hang out with my fella while he watches a game! (Pick me!) 😉

  3. Years ago I was knitting a sweater for myself, but the gauge was off and it was turning out too large for me. I wasn’t sure if my boyfriend would turn into my fiance and husband…….so I kept knitting thinking that if we broke up I’d give it to my dad. I ended up giving it to that “guy” and then making another one with smaller needles for me so we had matching sweaters. Now that we’ve been married for 29 years, we both have gained weight. I still wear the first one—that was too big then. It’s made out of heavy wool and so warm and large enough to layer.

  4. My favorite knitting project was an afghan I made in a quilt style, using different stitch patterns and different colors to create blocks and then joining them together with one solid color. I even went wild and added beads…because I am a wee bit unconventional. 🙂

  5. I have only picked up knitting needles in the last couple of years because of one of my very crafty daughters. So far I have turned out some scarves, but the best part about this is that we have done this as a family, with my 12-year-old, my 8-year-old (using a loom), and myself going to Knit-for-the-Needy at our church. We have helped to provide hats and scarves to the homeless in our area. Our newest project is making baby blankets for the hospital… hopefully I’m up to the challenge. It’s wonderful seeing the different generations coming together in fellowship and with a purpose. My daughter would absolutely love to win this book, as she has tried to design a few items on her own.

  6. My favourite project was a knitted dinosaur I made for my nephew last Christmas. I forget the name – had the triangular humps on the back! I knitted the body with a beautiful green wool, then the humps and eyes in yellow. It was stuffed, and actually looked like what it was supposed to be! He loved it, but I was especially gratified by the thrill my siblings had when they saw that I had made it myself!

  7. My favorite knitted project was a felted bag I made as a gift to my mother-in-law. 🙂 My daughter and I like to watch movies and make projects together.

  8. My favorite knitting project was a scarf for my husband, I was able to get some really nice wool yarn for it.

  9. My favorite is probably the Aran blanket I made for my grandson. Or the tiered jacket I knit for my granddaughter. So many fun things!

  10. My favorite knitting project is any project I finish!
    Am working on a kitchen towel right now, I like it.

  11. The project that is closest to my heart is the baby blankie for my third child. My MIL had made blankies for the first two, but about 6 inches into the third one she realized that her arthritis would not let her complete it. It was a more complicated pattern than I had ever tried before, I had never used two strands of yarn at a time before, and trying to count (and count, and count) with 3 y/o twins running around the house was a challenge. I would just try to finish one row each time I sat down to it. It was a multi-generational love gift. That blanket has been packed away for 15 years now, waiting for another generation to cuddle in it.

  12. Ooh, so hard to pick one favorite! I designed and made a really cool triangle scarf when I was going to school in Hawaii, and I wear it all the time.

  13. When my best friend’s youngest child was born, I knitted up the Baby Squash Hat from One Yard Wonders. It was a quick and easy knit (once I started using stitch markers to keep track of the ribbing transitions!) and the finished hat was adorable on the baby. 🙂

  14. I enjoy knitting baby hats that look like fruits and veggies. THey are easy and a fun gift for baby showers.

  15. So excited about this book. I have a group of ladies in our church who make items for the less fortunate. We currently make slippers for a battered women’s home and for the homeless. We also crochet mats for the homeless out of plastic grocery bags. We get donations of bags, yarn, needles, etc. from people in our church and then recycle them into items for these agencies. We also do many baby items for the Crisis Pregnancy Center.
    I would love to have new patterns of slippers for the ladies. They are always looking for new patterns and these are so cute.
    on Facebook see Radiant Crafts for a Cause

  16. My favorite is the last thing I finished knitting, a beautiful shawl in some of my favorite colors. I’m actually looking forward to the cool weather just so I can wear it.

  17. I love this teal merino and silk blend lacy scarf I made. It just looks SO nice. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  18. Well… I don’t even know how to knit! BUT my mom and my Aunt taught my 10 year old daughter last winter and she knit a beautiful scarf. So I would love this book as a gift for her! And maybe I’ll find time to have my daughter teach me!! Thanks. I always love your blog!!

  19. My favorite knitting project was the sweater I knit for my baby sister. I am almost 12 yrs older than her and our mom sat down and taught me to I could make something for the baby. Mom couldn’t sew, but she could knit. When my daughter was about 10 I taught her to knit and now she is a gifted knitter and much better than me! I think she would love this book.

  20. I’ve never done anything but scarves but my daughter has done purses, scarves, stuffed animals, and afghans. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Candice Garcia says:

    My favorite knitting project was my very first. I was a teen mom and I spent hours on my daughters first hat. I was so proud of it. It was surprisingly perfect.

  22. I would love to try this! I am working on a pair of socks and an afghan at the moment but find plenty of spare moments during the week to pick up my knitting. This looks like a lot of fun!

  23. The knitted item that is one of my favorite protect to kniit was the lace shawl shawl I knitted for my eldest daughters wedding. I loved the challenge of the graph knitting for the first time. I also love the challenge of knitting two socks at a time from the toe up. Now to try the graph patterns in the round.

  24. I knitted my sons baby blanket while pregnant in Korea. I had to have someone mail me yarn but it turned out huge and just what I wanted. I would love to make slippers for my kiddos.

  25. So hard to decide! Last year I made hats and legwarmers for two new baby girls; one had felt flowers on it and one had felt butterflies. I think they turned out to be my favorite.

  26. kelly grundhofer says:

    My favorite thing I have knitted would be the diaper covers I made for my first two kids (I haven’t made any for the last 4). It was a a fun challenge to do and accomplishment when I finished.

  27. I think my favorite thing I knit was a gnome doll for my son out of different shades of green and orange yarn (his request) with a big black fuzzy beard. It had mistakes, and was kind of ugly but he’s slept with it every night for the last 6 years. Love makes up for its imperfections.

  28. Anne-Louise says:

    A sweet Teddy from a vintage knitting book which my mum got from her mum! It’s garter stitch, and my children love it, so need to knit some more for birthdays coming up.

  29. My favorite knitting project would have to be this gray cabled sweater. The pattern was free from Lion Brand, and it was using their homespun. The only problem is that it’s so thick and warm that I don’t get to wear it much!

  30. OH, would I love this book! I love projects like this – it’s so easy to complete them. My favorite knitted project was a cowl called the Fear of Commitment Cowl. No idea why the name, but I knit it for my oldest daughter, and it is so thick and chunky and warm, perfect for a freezing Chicago winter.

  31. I am not a knitter, but my mom is and this would make a wonderful Christmas present for her!

  32. I don’t actually knit, but my daughter does. She would LOVE this book. She recently knit a cute baby hat with long braids on each side as well as several wraps for the baby (our 8th child, her 5th little brother). She’s also a photographer, so she took some really cute pictures of baby when he was just 2 weeks old with all of the things that she knitted. So adorable!

  33. I think the favourite thing that I have knit recently is the Baby Surprise sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman. You knit this very strangely shaped piece and then with a couple of easy folds and very little sewing end up with a very cute sweater.

  34. I’m afraid this skill has almost died in our family….so I am thinking this might be a good way to revive it in me & my daughters – Thanks for the chance!

  35. A grocery bag.

  36. My favorite knitting project was a sweater I nicknamed the Jolly Green Giant. I got it from a British knitting magazine and it is so warm and cozy! It’s a little ridiculous because I live in Texas and who needs a coat-length bulky weight cabled sweater with a shawl collar but I love it anyway because it’s gorgeous.

  37. A teddy bear blanket.

  38. Teeny tiny baby sweaters! I just fished one and there is nothing so sweet and satisfying.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  39. Well, I have been knitting for a long time, over 20 years, and I have to say that my favorite project is almost always the one I just finished! I love trying new techniques and color combinations and when I finish up with a project I still look at it wonder and think — I MADE THAT!!!

  40. My very favorite project was a gift for one of my professors–it was a lace mohair scarf in a coppery orange color. She loved it!

  41. Margaret Sanford says:

    My favorite has got to be Katie Startzman’s knitted toy horses. It’s a beautifully well designed pattern and I was so pleased with the horses as well as her small dolls that I made for my granddaughters.

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