Style/ accessorizing advice?

pewter dress

I have a question for folks who are good at accessorizing:  I got this dress on clearance at Garnet Hill for $14– hooray!  The color is pretty neutral and I wasn’t sure if it would flatter my skin.   But for $14 I decided to risk it and found out it’s good–it doesn’t wash me out, and the style is easy and flattering to my figure as well.  But I’m terrible at accessorizing– I have no idea what to wear to make the grey a little more interesting.  I wore it Sunday with silver earrings and a multi-strand silver and black glass bead necklace, which  was fine, I think.  But I’d love some more colorful ways to accessorize the dress.  Ideas?


  1. I’m no fashionista, but in I dive– 🙂

    With gray, I like to go bold with accessories… so a nice raspberry red necklace & shoes, or a multi-tiered turquoise beaded necklace. Or a flashy scarf? Or a chunky bracelet.

    Something that catches the eye and balances out the neutral-ness of it.

  2. A bright belt or scarf, maybe?

  3. Do you have any jewelry with jewel tones, like emerald or ruby? I think that would look beautiful!

  4. A yellow or ochre chunky-beaded necklace would look cute. Any pretty scarf would look nice. I think turquoise and coral jewelry, bold and bright, would also look nice 🙂 Solid or striped (!) tights and a denim jacket would also be fun. A cozy cardigan and boots, of course 🙂 It’s a cute dress! That’ll be a nice standby.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing…save me a post….ditto Xenia! I like the denim jacket idea as well. My daughter has some cute cowboy boots with this color on them as well.

  5. How about a chunky yellow necklace and a bright red jacket? Or a pumpkin orange cardigan?

  6. Bright colours! Any / lots of bright colours! Chunky necklaces, scarves, bangles, earrings…….

  7. Love, love gray — it’s my base wardrobe color. Here’s my take on what I’d do with this dress heading into fall. I picked all of the accessories from Target and Old Navy.

    • That is wonderful! And bonus– I already have the jean jacket and a similar necklace. I’ll have to see what I can find out thrifting in the shoe department.
      Thanks so much!

  8. Like you said it is neutral so it will go with anything! Jean jacket and silver jewelry, Yellow cardigan and statement ring, printed scarf with cuff bracelet.
    When in doubt ask your girls…. my teenage daughter and I have bonded over fashion recently. I vowed not to pass on my style. By asking her advice, it has spurred some great suggestions and given her confidence in her own style.

  9. I’m terrible at accessorizing…that said, I think gray and pink are beautiful together – I would use a pink belt, or a printed scarf with pink in it, something like that. Although I do like the yellow cardigan suggestion!

  10. I agree with all the comments regarding the chunky jewelry and colorful scarves. I think turquoise and yellow accessories would be especially flattering considering your complexion and hair coloring. This dress is fantastic and can transition to so many different occasions dependent solely on your accessory choices — including shoes. There are so many fun shoe colors out there right now. You might find a great deal on turquoise or another bright color if you watch!

  11. Boy am I horrible at this type of thing. I wear only black tops and jeans most days and for work black slacks (only have three of each) with no jewelry or makeup of any kind. I HATE having to decide if a color looks good and hate shopping so ten years ago decided done with the nonsense of it all. I have a few sleeveless tops, few short sleeve tops, and a few long sleeve tops, as well as one light-weight sweater and one heavier sweater, all are paired with crocheted flat sandals in the summer (have resoled each fall), and one pair of black moccasins for fall and winter (have resoled in the spring) and black boots in heavy snow. For exercising and working outside I have a black exercise top and black capris and my son sent me a pair of black Army exercise pants for colder days and if I want to swim I have a one piece–you guessed it—black swimsuit.
    I have a closet that is 2×2 with half shelves and half hanging with no dresser in my small bedroom. I love the simplicity this affords me and I always look semi-professional and never sloppy or frumpy, and I do not have to spend precious time worrying about what to wear. And when we travel to New York, Seattle, or Canada I don’t have to worry about what to pack. I could and have packed all my clothing into one carry-on case.

  12. I love grey and have several items that color. Love it with bright yellow shoes and a yellow necklace or coral.
    My daughter turned me on to This girl knows how to put things together.

  13. Orange! Little cropped jacket or sweater. Turquoise jewelry!! Yellow and grey are great together. I can’t do yellow next to my face but you might be able to. Scarves, jewelry, cardigans, and boots! Grey is a neutral so you can really do lots.

  14. I”m not so great at that either, but I was thinking a colorful scarf or big chunky jewelry.

  15. I think you’ve got some really good ideas going so far! I love gray as well… it is so versatile. You can add lots of fun colors to it… but I also like to wear it with other neutrals. A denim jacket will be perfect for fall. Love the idea of wearing it with tights and boots, too. I kind of like the neck-line without a necklace. Maybe chunky earrings and a bracelet? Or a scarf that is tighter around the neck and then hanging down the sides so the cute neckline shows (like the pic in the catalogue. Another idea that intrigues me is a belt… but you’ll just have to experiment. A long, fitted cardigan over the top might be fun too… belted. Here’s a fun belt/cardi combo: Her site would be a good one to polk around on for a minute for some great ideas! It’s a great dress, Mary. I love it and I think you are going to get a ton of use out of it! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I want pics!!!

    • A belt was my vote too. I have a nice wide black elastic belt that has a big cute silver clasp – but I don’t have many curves, so emphasizing my waist usually flatters. A brightly colored small neckerchief might look really cute too as it would still show the dress neckline.

  16. The Target in our city has some little shrug-type cardigans in the clearance section right now — orange, maroon, bright blue . . . any of which would help this dress ease into fall. And I love red with gray too — though brighter colors are more trendy right now.