five things this fine Monday

Running with my girlies

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Today I am again writing with Journey Mama sharing snippets of my life.

1. Canning.

Today we are plowing through (hopefully) a good morning of school before beginning in on applesauce this afternoon.  We got about 3 bushels of apples off the tree and I am hoping we can get most of that turned into sauce this afternoon.  We’ll see how fast we go.  Saturday we got 22 quarts of tomatoes, along with some pickles.   Lotsa work but I had lots of help.

2. Our future garden.

Our garden these days is about 100 feet long and 40 feet wide, with a couple other dibs and dabs in smaller beds elsewhere. I am already foreseeing the need to cut back on our garden size as we will have fewer eaters (and fewer garden/canning helpers.) We usually plant somewhere in the range of 80+ tomato plants, along with lots of other things. Ten years from now I can picture being very happy with 5 tomato plants, 5 peppers and a cuke or two.  Not sure if John would be happy scaling back that much, but every September I fight an overwhelmed feeling, trying to get school off to a good start while also preventing the contents of the garden from rotting on my kitchen counter.  I do enjoy the money savings all winter though.  And the garden will freeze soon enough.

3. The adoption book.

I’m enjoying driving two of our teenagers to their college classes this fall. I’ve been using their class time to work on my book, and look forward to having those set times to write during which no one needs anything from me.  I am on track to get half the book to the publisher by the end of the month, with the second half due December 1st.   I find I am learning so much about myself as I write about adoptive motherhood.  I’m figuring some stuff out– some places where I’ve been stuck as a mom without realizing it.  It’s a really good thing to be figuring things out, hopefully in a way that’s allowing me to be a greater blessing to my kids.  I think  my stuck places were making it harder for me to help them past their stuck places, and I am feeling more lightness in my soul and in theirs as I’m finding ways to interact with them in more grace-filled ways. I’m looking forward to writing more about it.

4.  Running.

I ran a little one mile race on Saturday just to keep my youngest girls company, and it was really fun.  I’ve been running all summer– in the range of 5-8 miles a week– but the heat has slowed me down to more of a run/walk pace.  I’ve been feeling a little out of shape.  But on Saturday, in my determination to not let my 8 year old smoke me too horribly, I ran the mile in under 10 minutes, faster than I’ve run in quite a while,  and wasn’t even sore the next day. Maybe I’m not as out of shape as I’ve been feeling.

5.   Doing things well.

I’ve come to the conclusion I can really only do 3 things decently in my life at any given time.  This fall it’s school, and the book, and helping my grown daughters with the babies as much as I can.  I’d really like to get back to journaling my food, because for me it is a key to weight loss and I really want to (re)lose the 10 pounds I gained back after I lost 22 pounds a couple years ago.  I’m still better off than my original high weight, but concentrating on counting calories is not really something I have the emotional energy to mess with right now in the midst of book and school and everything else.  So instead of beating up on myself for not being the leanest I can be, I just need to get this book written, and help my kids through school and new motherhood, and exercise enough that I don’t lose more ground in the weight department, and that needs to be enough.  So easy to be hard on myself.  But I just can’t do it all, not all at once, anyway.  Right now the people and the book need to be at the top of my list.


What is at the top of your ‘juggling’ list this fall?




  1. Beth in the City says:

    1. Helping my kids be teens, and all that entails, including school
    2. Work, which is part time mostly while the kids are at school to help pay for school
    3. Eating healthy and working out, so that I can continue to loose weight and become healthier.
    I agree – a person can only do so much at once! I’m using the Trim, Healthy Mama eating style and it is making SUCH a difference.

  2. Mary,
    do you think finishing school a bit later and starting again the last week of September may help spread the fall load?
    Just an idea.

  3. I’m with you on the doing things well. Right now I’m working on school, writing my book, and working on the meditation center. I also think you should give yourself grace on school in September-people used to take their kids out of school to help with harvest, after all!

  4. School, conquering my house, and managing my depression well. I’m determined not to sink this winter, and so I’m planning my way through it. So far so good. I am eating better and exercising (working on a couch to 5k program). It’s good to find the balance before a crash!