Cool Creations in 35 Pieces

Here’s a fun book to keep in mind if you have a Lego fanatic on your birthday or Christmas list.  It’s called Cool Creations in 35 Pieces and features many uber-creative ways to use the same 35 lego pieces to construct some very cool looking little critters.  This book would be a great gift all on its own, but would be even better paired up with some new Legos.

The book mentions an age range of 4-8 years, but the creations in this book are enough fun that I could easily picture a 12 year old enjoying it.  Now the great news: I have one copy of this book to give away!  All you have to do to enter the giveaway is comment below and tell me one sure winner of a toy that your kids have enjoyed for years.  At our house the answer is Legos and Barbies, no contest.  What do your kids enjoy most?

If you’d like an additional entry to win, share/like this post on facebook or twitter, using the buttons below, and comment again, telling me you did so.  I’ll choose the winner of the book on Monday.



  1. Our favorites are dart guns and toy tractors, but the Legos come out too:)

  2. Cowboy hats, swords, and guns are the favorite around here. But I’ve wanted to introduce some Legos bc they’re great for hand/eye coordination, creativity, quiet activity, colors, textures, etc. I’d love to get this book and pair it w some Legos for my boys this Christmas!!!

  3. Legos. Fire trucks and playdough!

  4. wooden train sets!

  5. and I liked it on facebook

  6. My kids love Hot Wheels cars and the canvas city that I made teen years ago. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Legos and Trios!

  8. WE LOVE MUD IN THIS HOUSE! (but mommy is trying to move us more towards “fine-motor” hobbies.)

  9. Kim Stewart says:

    The progression at our house was Brio, Playmobil and then Rokenbok and Lego the entire time. We have so many Legos that I joke that we should use them to build an addition to our house! Now that my boys are 18 & 16 I’m afraid they are most interested in car keys!

  10. All of my kids have always loved legos, K’nex, Lincoln logs, and art supplies!

  11. For the past year it has been small plush cats and dogs. Big wooden blocks that I got on craigslist about 3 months ago that are like 50 years old have also been something they use almost every day now.

  12. My kids are 10, 12 and 13. (2 girls and 1 boy). By far, the biggest toy hit in our house is Legos! My kids would ALL love this book. 🙂

  13. We love Legos around here as well as puppets (along with a stage/curtain for shows).

  14. We love playmobil at our house. Breyer horses have also been really popular. This looks like a really fun book!

  15. Play dough. We love making our own and spend a long time making all the colors that we want. Then we pick a theme – like food or animals – and get busy shaping the dough.

  16. Our girls and boy have all enjoyed playing with blocks through the years, including the ones at their grandparents’ house as well as our math manipulative blocks. They like to build roads, buildings, towers, etc. It’s neat to see kids of various ages playing with blocks together!

  17. MotherLydia says:

    Both of my kids (age 2 and 6) Currently are getting the most enjoyment out of these giant Lego-like blocks we have (I think the brand is Kid Innovations?)

    The biggest “problem” with Legos to my social 6 year old is he has to do it in his room to keep it out of the 2 year old’s hands!

  18. The winners at our house are definitely Legos, matchbox/hotwheels type cars, and trains. Timeless. 🙂

  19. Legos and Duplo Legos are always being built and spread around the floors of our home.

  20. My kids love their scooters and basketballs. They both provide hours of fun!

  21. Legos, magna-tiles, matchbox cars and the orange plastic tracks have had true staying power along with dress up clothes and swords / light sabers. Barbies and polly pockets for my daughter. Thomas the train and lots of tracks to build when the boys were younger.


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