Cool Creations in 35 Pieces

Here’s a fun book to keep in mind if you have a Lego fanatic on your birthday or Christmas list.  It’s called Cool Creations in 35 Pieces and features many uber-creative ways to use the same 35 lego pieces to construct some very cool looking little critters.  This book would be a great gift all on its own, but would be even better paired up with some new Legos.

The book mentions an age range of 4-8 years, but the creations in this book are enough fun that I could easily picture a 12 year old enjoying it.  Now the great news: I have one copy of this book to give away!  All you have to do to enter the giveaway is comment below and tell me one sure winner of a toy that your kids have enjoyed for years.  At our house the answer is Legos and Barbies, no contest.  What do your kids enjoy most?

If you’d like an additional entry to win, share/like this post on facebook or twitter, using the buttons below, and comment again, telling me you did so.  I’ll choose the winner of the book on Monday.



  1. Toy tractors, trucks, hot wheels cars, and Legos of course!

    • My kids have loved playing with play mobile in addition to legos. Each year at Christmas I would buy them a set to share that they would open on Christmas Eve. The sets are expensive but well worth the money because they are very well made, durable, and the types of sets available are endless. The kids played for hours making set-ups. They still enjoy them with their cousins at age 9, 11.

  2. Legos, that’s for sure!

  3. Legos are big here too, along with matchbox cars.

  4. legos, play money, play food

  5. scooters, wedgits, legos

  6. Besides Legos, my kids loved K’nex. I used to bring a big tub of them along on trips and it was amazing how my children and their friends or cousins would all get in on the building regardless of age, from toddlers to teens.

  7. Legos were always a hit at our house, too.

  8. Wooden trains & tracks are a hit from the first gummy chew at age 1 right up until first grade, and going strong. The tracks are more elaborate, and take up the whole basement now, though. 🙂

  9. I tweeted, too!

  10. Legos and Haba Marble Track blocks! Toys for building never get old and never go out of style 🙂

  11. My kids do like Legos, but I find their favorites are food related. Our magnetic ice cream set is a very popular toy!

  12. Our Magna Doodle. Well, I think we are on the fourth one now, but they love that thing. They each have a mini one for the car. We have just gotten a ton of play out of that toy. We just moved and it has been packed in storage for about four months now. You would have thought it was Christmas around here with all of the stuff coming out of boxes this weekend. Tons of toys they haven’t seen in a long time, but all four of them from ages 1 to 8 are fighting over the Magna Doodle!

  13. Trains, Legos and cars for my four boys!

  14. Wow, I’m going to copy the answer above me–wooden trains/train tracks, cars/trucks and Legos are always hits with my four boys as well! 🙂

  15. Legos, hot wheels, and super hero Imaginext!!

  16. Has to be trains and playmobil. Hours can be passed with very elaborate playmobil worlds!

  17. S. Trstenjak says:

    LEGOS!!! My 10 year old saves his own money to buy Legos. He requests the family to go in together to get him bigger sets for Christmas. He’s very creative; I don’t know how he gets the ideas for some of the designs he makes.
    Daughter 8- paper. Not really a “toy,” but she can make anything from paper and keep herself occupied for a long time.

  18. Aaagggh…..their best toy?

    My sewing machine.

    Which, of course, thrills me in an infuriating way…

  19. I think I shared it on fb with the button at the end of the post 🙂 Thanks.

  20. Lego all the way. My son is obsessed with Ninjago and my daughter is totally into Friends. My husband is thrilled because it means he can indulge his inner child with Star Wars Lego!

  21. Legos of course, wooden blocks but also the play kitchen-everybody loves to “make” some food.

  22. We’re too old for this book now, so *don’t* pick me for this giveaway, but yes, absolutely, it was Lego blocks for the win! We had a bunch of matchbox/hot wheels cars, tracks, car washes, etc, but if the world burned up around him, he’d have been trying to rescue the Legos. He will still, on occasion, build something with them now if there’s something on TV and the blocks are within reach, and he’s 19.

  23. Legos are the most played with toys in our house.

  24. celina boulanger says:

    LEGOS…and army men…so anything designed to kill my feet at night…lol nerf guns are at the moment fighting for spot #2.

  25. celina boulanger says:

    facebooked it too..

  26. I agree! Legos, Barbies, and GI Joe!

  27. I shared/ liked on Facebook.

  28. I’ve often wondered how many Legos are in my house at any one given time. It’s sure to be in the thousands…..and I thought I had a book problem! 🙂

  29. With 4 boys, the best toy we own is LEGO

  30. hot wheels, picture books and of course legos too. Even I like to play with them!

  31. My sons are teens but it was definitely Legos (and some Playmobil) for them.

    My daughter is almost 7 and it’s definitely Barbies and stuffed animals that she plays with the most.

  32. My son LOVES Lego and is always making something. Mixed in with his new stuff is Lego his Dad had when he was a boy. If he’s not playing wih the bricks he’s firing his Nerf gun!

  33. Tinker toys, hands down, but followed closely by trains and Legos

  34. This looks like a great book! Legos are definitely the most played with around here. My 14 and 16 yr olds still build with them and my 4 yr old is just figuring out how to make things. Even my hubby gets in on the action sometimes. Close second are hot wheels… And probably Star Wars figures.

  35. Legos, of course. They also love Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys and dress-ups (my boys dress up as cowboys, trappers, sailors, military men–it’s so cute).

  36. My boys love Legos!

  37. Legos are always great, but I also found Magnetix (which are hard to find now, we’ve got hand-me-downs) and play food to be longer lasting in interest.

  38. Dolls. I have some all fabric ones, that all my girls loved. The boys played with them too, but will not now admit it.

  39. Cars, Balls, slinky, giant cardboard boxes, 2×4 (makes bridge for playing Billy Goat Gruff or a teeter totter used to launch balls into the air…

    My daughter also really loves her Legos.

  40. Legos have been our all-time favorite as well. Along with Bionicles, Lego’s somewhat creepy cousin from a few years back. For several years, every birthday and Christmas gift was Bionicles.

  41. Toy trucks and tractors are a big hit with my son. My daughter, of course, tends toward the dolls and kitchen toys, but loves to help her brother farm. And they both love to build with Legos and Lincoln Logs. The main problem is running out of pieces too soon!

  42. Legos are a sure hit in our house. Another favorite is Thomas the Tank Engine. Even my oldest will get down and build tracks with his little brother for that!

  43. Legos and toy tractors!

  44. My son loves anything LEGO!! Little People have always been very popular here!! Kids of any age can play with them and they have so many different sets 🙂

  45. Grandson and son-in-law LOVE legos; this would be great gift to them.

  46. Legos, Little People, American Girls, wooden blocks and play dishes and foods

  47. Duplos and Legos at our house!

  48. I liked it on facebook!

  49. Legos and cars and action figures. My grandchildren are now playing with the ones that belonged to my two boys.

  50. Legos and trains are still going strong in our house.