Keep On Singing (Little Mermaid giveaway)

Little Mermaid on DVD

Way back in the 90’s when our now-grown girls were tiny, one of the movies that found its way to our VHS player fairly often was Disney’s Little Mermaid. As a family who loves to quote movie lines, we still joke now and then about dinglehoppers, and I think we all ended up memorizing at least part of the song, ‘Kiss the Girl’.


We still own that same well-worn VHS copy of Little Mermaid. Only problem is, all but one of our VHS players have bitten the dust, and the one that survived happens to be one of those all-in-one TV/VCR combos. So when our little girls get a hankering to watch Little Mermaid or another movie in our VHS Disney collection, one of their brothers has to tote out the TV/VCR, and attach it to our regular TV before they can let their movies play. Yes, it works, but it’s a little clunky, and every time we pull out that TV, I wonder how much longer that VHS player will last. That’s why I was pleased when I was offered a ‘Diamond Edition’ copy of Little Mermaid to review. The girls had fun popping it in and watching a favorite again. When ‘Part of Your World’ came on, I might have broken into song, just for a moment or two. And my 15yo sons might also have looked at me cross-eyed.

They ought to be used to me breaking out in song by now — singing has always been a love of mine, something that really brings me joy. As for my little girls, they joined right in and sang along. They’re still at that gloriously unselfconscious age where they don’t spend a second worrying what other people will think about them. I hope that even when they move into the teen years, they’ll keep doing what brings them joy– yes, even if they get a cross-eyed look now and then. For one of my daughters, that joyful thing is definitely art. And both of them love to sing. What activities bring your child joy?

In conjunction with this review, I am giving away a $50 Visa Gift Card and a Little Mermaid Diamond Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack. All you have to do to enter the drawing is comment below and answer this question: How do you encourage your children to follow their dreams and do what brings them joy?


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  1. My 4girls would luv this

  2. My daughter is only 17 months, but I love to hear her laugh–at this point, it ME doing silly things (like dancing like a crazy woman or letting her put cups on my head), but I hope that by seeing me being silly and unself-conscious, she will learn that it’s ok to do things, silly or not, that bring her joy!

  3. My children are young (3 and 1) but I try to be a model of joy and faith for my kids (although I am far from perfect) and hope they are encouraged by my example.

  4. I try to set the example, and be very encouraging and excited about his joy and passions to keep him excited, even if others aren’t so.

  5. When my children have expressed an interest in something we encourage them to learn more about it, take lessons, or try it out for a while. We do require that they follow through with their commitment to it for an entire season or a school year if it is lessons. We want them to be able to try out different things in a loving environment.


    Well, I can’t answer the question quite yet, but something I think my parents did well was to put a heck of a lot of ideas before us and encourage us generally in our interests. We weren’t really pushed into anything (except me: college, but I can’t complain now!) but were generally encouraged in the uplifting things we pursued.

  7. Angela Arnett Stone says:

    Showing by example and giving them great opportunities to stretch.

  8. I make a list of things I said ‘Ill look up say on the internet and we do it. There are times that I’ve picked them up from school with a mystery destination in mind so it keeps em guessing where we’re going- for icecream ,etc.

  9. I encourage my kids to do what they like in life and good things will follow. Never force them to follow your dreams because it will never lead to exactly where they should be.

  10. My children are littles, but the playground brings them the biggest joy right now! So we go every day. When they are older, I will encourage them to be fearless and do what they love.

  11. I encourage my kids to try what they are interested and really stick with it for an entire season/year/whatever the commitment is. We reevaluate after their experience and see if it is something that they would like to continue. Also, I LOVE requesting library books for them that are in their current interests-my 13 and 11 year olds especially love it when I surprise them with books that are right up their alley!

  12. We try to encourage our children to try many different things, to help them decide what they are really interested in. So far, none of them have chosen one thing they love. However, my 3 year old daughter’s current obsession is Ariel, so this would be perfect for her!

  13. We encouraged our now more grown up kids to ‘follow their passion’- cliche’, but so true. This has taken us through art projects too numerous to count, the segued into Ballroom Dance classes twice a week then a Friday night dance (I mean, seriously, teenagers who CHOOSE to Ballroom Dance three times a week?).

    Through the process we have cultivated two almost adults with a love for anything of the Arts. And now with a new granddaughter just having entered the mix, I hope her mom decides to encourage her to follow her passion as well.

    Either way, I know a new copy of The Little Mermaid will be wel-comed and wel-loved in this home.

  14. I don’t have kids yet, but one thing I always appreciated that my mom did when I was young was that there was no judgement of what I was interested in. If it was climbing trees, singing, collecting paper dolls, whatever, it didn’t matter whether she thought it was silly or uninteresting. She would encourage me, ask questions that got me talking, and help me understand that if I loved it, it was a good thing to focus on. I collected paper dolls well into my teens and thanks to my mom, I never felt self-conscious about such an unusual hobby. My collection still brings me joy when I take out my dolls and sort through them. I appreciate her encouragement to follow whatever brought me joy.

  15. Encouraging my son’s dreams is a bit difficult but I do it by learning what things really capture his focus and attention. Then I encourage him to do those things.

  16. My children are all grown now, but I try to encourage them by being loving and supportive when they have an interest in something.

  17. I try to encourage their interests as much as possible and not criticize or discourage.

  18. We try to see special talents, skills or interests in each child and encourage them in those.

  19. My daughter, who just turned 4 a few days ago, loves art and music so I encourage her to be creative and I have her enrolled in ballet class.

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  21. My husband and I have always encouraged our girls to set goals (whatever they may be) and then figure out the path to those goals. Sometimes the goals change because they weren’t realistic but we let them try.

  22. chantel lloyd says:

    I try to encourage my children to try a variety of different activities. Some are flops but others are things they have enjoyed for years.

  23. Tami Vollenweider says:

    Even though my son is in his thirties,I still encourage and stand by him,by whatever projects he wants to do! I listen to his ideas and also offer him support!

  24. We do try to notice what the kids enjoy (or are good at) and give them chances to pursue that. Within reason. My 10 year old thinks he’s going to be a NASCAR driver when he grows up. I’m not going to crush his dreams but we do not have the money to let him start racing at the early age needed for that dream to happen! 🙂 Nor, do I think he has the personality to be good at it–but I’ll let him dream and watch races.

  25. We are right there with you in the vhs. I am praying mine holds out a little longer too;) my girls love this movie …..I encourage my kids to try what interests them and then being their biggest cheer leader.

  26. The way that I encourage my kids in their dreams is by allowing them to participate in activities that let them test out their likes and dislikes. It looks different for every kid in our family. We have 6 kids and they all have their own dreams.

    The Little Mermaid is one of my all-time favorite movies. I realized recently that my youngest(5yrs old) has never seen it. Now that has to change!!

  27. Talking with them about and showing them what brings me joy. Noting where I see God giving them joy in their activities. Dreaming big dreams with them about how God will use their gifts to bring Him and others joy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I encourage my son by supporting his ideas and teaching him to learn hard

  29. She’s only 2, but I try to listen and make sure she realizes that I think she is strong, kind, brave, and smart. She can move mountains if she believes in herself as much as I believe in her.

  30. We just encourage them and try to lead by example. But we also show them the fun in things, like making play dough and slime or building a vinegar and baking soda volcano. Make learning fun and that learning will allow them the opportunities to follow their dreams in life.

  31. We encourage our kids by simply being with them and trying to enjoy the things they enjoy. We also remind them of how much God loves them and that He has given them special abilities and talents.

  32. Mindy Kroesche says:

    I encourage them to try out new things and to read–lots and lots about different things they’re interested in.

  33. One of the ways I help my children do the things that bring them joy is to find joy doing the things I love. I have to lead by example in showing them following your heart as much as I have to say yes when that heart wants to make messes with art or spend tight money on some passion.

  34. Delightful post! I love Disney!! We were frequent visitors there when my daughter was growing up. I encouraged her to follow her dreams by exposing her to everything I could. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we sure had a lot of fun adventures and learning experiences. As a single mom on a very tight shoestring, my hope was to lead by example and show her that ‘the world was her oyster’!

  35. Would love the gift card but don’t have blue ray and have no intention of getting it. I am planning to build a tiny house (300-400 square feet) and want as few electronics as possible because of space. Use computer now during break at work, none at home.
    This has never been a favorite movie at our house, the kids HATED the witch and the scene where she becomes huge and more evil looking and my very fundamentalist-thinking ex-husband did not like any kind of witchcraft in our house so this movie he hated for a different reason.
    Encourage kids to be themselves and think outside the box in what they think and do ad no matter the feedback always be comfortable with the decision you make. For instance, have a daughter who was sent to the principal’s office more than once for giving kids money to buy lunch at school. Supposedly it is not okay to give kids, who are not eating lunch, money to buy lunch. Even after I was called to the principal’s office with her, never understood the reason for this and encouraged her to do what she thought was best and could live with.

  36. Donna Dorsey says:

    I just try to make sure I find time to do the things that bring me joy, thus modeling the joy I hope to see in their lives. I also try to give them the freedom of unstructured time to pursue what interests them and give them the opportunity to follow their own passions. And lastly, I allow them to talk my ear off about whatever it is that brings them joy. We all love to talk about the things we are really passionate about, so I try to always be there for them in that respect.

    Oh, and you’re not alone–I know all the lyrics to all The Little Mermaid songs, even after all these years 🙂

  37. My 3 daughters are grown, but I have 3 baby granddaughters now. I encouraged my girls by supporting their activities and dreams, but also giving them a dose of reality every once in awhile. And always have a sense of humor and don’t take anything too seriously!

  38. Jennifer S. says:

    My daughter loves to sing, so i urged her to audition for a local children’s chorus. She wasn’t crazy about having to audition, but she got in and is loving it!

  39. I always try to teach by example – let them see you pursuing things you love to do and setting goals, and they will learn to do the same.

  40. I encourage kids to go for their dreams and passions by supporting their ideas.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

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  42. Push them to try different activities they might not have considered, or are outside their comfort zone, make sure they give it a fair shake, then see what they like and carry on with that. Model the fact that you have to work hard to reach those dreams, and sometimes that involves fighting past tough times and brick walls and stretching yourself farther than you think you can go. Discuss these times with them so they realize nobody is perfect and lofty goals just about always involve the “try, try, try again” motto but only those who persevere will succeed.

    I loved Little Mermaid when it came out (except for the icky bad lady) and my poor son got stuck watching my VHS copy several times when he was young. I don’t have a VCR anymore, and would love a DVD version of this. I have the soundtrack, and I get fantastic eye rolls when I blare it and sing along. Sometimes I do that just to irk him now that he’s a big bad 19yo. Bwahahaha!

  43. I have 5 girls and 2 boys and they all love Disney movies… We don’t discriminate between what should be girly and what should be boyish. We encourage our children to find things that they really love and dive into it. If it is something that costs money we will wait awhile before investing to make sure its something that they really what to explore or to see if its just a fad. But we always encourage them to follow their own path through Christ and be the person that God intended them to be.

  44. I encourage my now 5 year old to try many different things. I’m hopeful that the variety and exposure will eventually lead him to finding his passion. he’s way too young to commit himself to one thing yet

  45. My two are little so I try not to “correct” their play and stifle their imagination.

  46. I encourage them to meet many different children and try many activities, be socialized for the real world


  48. I encourage my children to follow their dream by allowing them to imagine and encourage their young minds.