Five things

Closet deskOne of my favorite blogs, always, is Journey Mama.  She’s decided to do some Five Things posts this month, of thoughts and memories and challenges you gather during a day– she describes it as things you think about as you’re lying in bed at the end of the day.  As I am frantically working on my book (due in December!) this idea appeals to me as an easy way to organize thoughts and share a bit about the texture of a day.

1.  To inaugurate the first day of school, I cleaned out the coat closet and stuck a desk inside, as a cozy little place to work on a computer.  This year we have 6 kids doing computer math and 4 kids doing computer Spanish.  Our computers are getting a workout.  John’s computer ends up spending most of the day on the dining table, which is a bit precarious next to drinks at meals.  I think the closet will be a safer cubby in which to let it live.  The closet also offers a bit less visual distraction for kids who get sidetracked when they’re camped in the middle of everything.  As for the coats– the teens have always preferred to keep theirs in their rooms, and a good half of the closet space is still available, which at the moment looks adequate for the coats that do live there.  We’ll see how it works.

with Andrea at C4C2.  I am super, very excited to attend the Created for Care adoptive mom’s retreats in February and March in Atlanta. I’m leading a couple breakout sessions, which will be fun, but am equally excited about experiencing the rest of the event as a regular attendee.  I went to the last retreat in March, and came home feeling positively revitalized as a momma.   The lovely lady in the photo with me is Andrea, the founder of the event.  She is a ball of energy and so much fun to chat with.  She is an adoptive mom herself and has a real heart for encouraging adoptive mothers.

3.  Dinner tonight was lasagna with thick-sliced eggplant instead of pasta.  Several of my kids are deeply suspicious of eggplant, but everyone except the youngest enjoyed this incarnation of it.

4.  Tomatoes are coming on a little slow, but we are swimming in cucumbers.  I’m trying to decide if I’m inclined to make more pickles this year.  I still have a couple dozen pints left from last year.  It seems like I always end up doing too many pickles– mainly because we always grow more cukes than we need.  So far it’s also a great year for green beans– we’ve frozen many quarts — and we’ve been steadily eating canteloupe and honeydew as well.  And the corn is finally on– hooray!   I love corn on the cob.

5.  This evening our little 8 year old went out to gather eggs, and on the way back in the house, while carrying 8 eggs in a bowl, she was pounced on by an overly playful cat.  He scared the liver out of her and she came inside absolutely wailing her heart out, but even in her moment of trauma, she managed to get into the house without having dropped one egg, bless her little heart.  There’s a good work ethic.


How about you?  Have a thing or two about your day you’d like to share?  What was memorable?  What’s on your heart and mind?