Book Giveaway: More Than I Can Handle

I’ve got a book giveaway for you today!  Last spring when I went to the Created for Care conference, I had the fun of visiting with Eileen Mestas, a fellow adoptive momma of many.  She wrote a book called ‘More Than “I” Can Handle  and gave me a copy of it to read.  I read it ALL the way home from Atlanta, and was amazed at her story. It is a truly awesome story of God’s providence.

When I got home, my 17yo daughter picked it up, read it, and loved it too. Ditto for another daughter.  We serve a God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  He is such an amazing provider, and this book clearly demonstrates that truth. If you would like to adopt, but are wondering where the money might come from, this is the book for you to read.

To enter the drawing to win a copy of this book, simply comment below and tell me a time when God provided something you needed, whether it be finances, or a friend when you were lonely, or guidance and encouragement from His word at just the right time.  Here’s how He provided for all of our adoptions.  What has God done for you?


  1. Kristie Bergamini says:

    My husband and I had been dating for some time. I was more than ready to take the next step, but Ed was still uncertain, not about me but about the forever aspect. One Saturday night, we had had an unsettling conversation about the issue and I was seriously considering whether to continue on with the relationship. The next morning at Mass, the pastor gave a sermon that spoke straight to my heart. He spoke of a couple that married too young, in spite of uncertainty, who had just celebrated their 50th anniversary. The wife had told him that she knew that her husband was worth fighting for no matter what. I realized that God was telling ME to be patient and that this man was worth waiting and fighting for. We were married about a year later. 19 years and 5 kids later, I would still fight for him no matter what.

  2. We were among the many who have no idea where the money will come from, but step out in faith anyway and trust God for the provision. We waiting 3 1/2 years from the time our home study was completed until we held our precious daughter in our arms. Money came from sources we had expected and many that we had not expected. God provided wonderfully.
    Now we are embroiled in a dispute with the birth father and wondering again where the money will come from, and the strength to endure no matter what the outcome. Truly, I can’t do it! We are waiting on the Lord again for His provision and His timing.

  3. We went through our first adoption on schedule for our country, and didn’t experience the miraculous sort of provision . . . but He still provided, and we were so thrilled to have our daughter home. For our second adoption, there were many, MANY delays, including the country shutting down foreign adoptions for 18 months altogether. We will travel to meet our girl this fall, after 4 agonizing years in process . . . and this time, God has held our hand all the way through, including providing finances in dramatic, unexpected ways. He knew it would take a LONG time, and has given us so many reassurances that He is with us and He is for our daughter! One of those financial provisions happened this May, when a family we barely know felt God told them to give us the memorial fund from a relative who had died to help with expenses. That was truly an answered prayer — we had just been talking that morning about using home equity to cover the travel costs. He has been so, so kind to us, and provided for our little girl half a world away.

  4. So many, many, MANY ways in which God has provided….but I will share one that just happened. We have three fosters and one bio child. Their ages are (or were…we just had two birthdays) 6, 3, 3, and 3. One of our 3 year olds was diagnosed with Autism this summer. We had no clue how we were going to pay for the therapy and it was pricey. We went through the process of requesting more money for him and it was granted. We knew we would barely be able to pay for it but we wouldn’t be able to do anything else for him. With in a month we had our agency agreed to pay for it, we also got mileage reimbursement for the 3000 plus miles we had driven in the 10 months we had had the kids. God provided above and beyond. In the midst of a broken down washing machine, a car in need of repair, the beginning of the school year….we are still able to purchase the things are kiddo needs to succeed and to have his therapy.

  5. We have a wonderful family from church who keeps providing our two oldest kids with mounds of hand-me-down clothing. When each new season arrives, they will come to church with bags of beautiful clothes for our kids. What a blessing! He truly provides for ALL of our needs!

  6. Our youngest daughter has hip surgery this summer and is in a cast that covers her torso and left leg down to the ankle. God has continually brought the help we need and our church family has been awesome.

  7. Michelle Devine says:

    God provided a doctor for our reversal and then blessed us with 4 more children!

  8. The Lord continually provides for us on a daily basis! Our biggest one so far was enabling us to pay for my son’s college without going into debt though we had no money to pay for it on our own. My husband is our sole provider and we have 6 children. We still shake our heads that He did it! My son was called into the ministry and we totally trusted in the Lord to provide all he needed and He is still providing for my son now in seminary. 🙂

  9. My husband and I have been married for almost 21 years. For the last ten of those years, we tried to get pregnant, to no avail. We decided to pursue foster adoption, and we currently have the most adorable 18-month old boy living with us. Two weeks after he arrived, we learned (surprise!) we are pregnant. However, we have since learned that our child, a girl, is 98% likely to have Down’s Syndrome. Yesterday, we received some difficult news about our foster son, and I became incredibly fearful that we would lose him. I spent my lunch hour on my knees, crying out to God in prayer about the foster situation, our unborn daughter, my job which is suddenly very insecure, my husband’s upcoming shoulder surgery, our finances, etc.Sobbing, I asked God to comfort me, as I wasn’t feeling very loved by Him. Immediately, the words of Isaiah 43 started running through my mind, “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned…Because you are previous in my eyes, and honored, and I love you…” Although I know my Bible pretty well, I would not have imagined that the words, “I love you…” were actually in scripture, but they are! I deeply needed encouragement, and He provided in such a loving and intimate way. I am holding on to those verses even now.

  10. I have been wondering about applying for a new job/jobs somewhere but quite difficult because I work a split week and not many companies hire just a few days mid-week. Well, at recent staff meeting my manager commented that another co-worker is cutting her hours so that she can spend more time at home. Yep, I got more hours without even going out and searching for them. This will help me immensely in my goal to build a small house debt free in five years.
    Thank you God.

  11. I do not recall big time events.
    Just daily little ones…
    “Ask and you shall receive”.
    If one asks for guidance with an open heart then an answer always comes.

  12. Kim Hamilton says:

    God provided one of the desires of my heart when he sent me my beautiful daughter. A mom of three boys, we were pursuing our second adoption, once again looking to the American foster care system. My husband wasn’t interested in a girl and said that the only way he would consider taking a girl was if it was an infant – and at 43 years old, no one was going to give us an infant. While I wanted a girl very much, I knew I could love another little boy and moved on. Imagine my surprise when an agency we had never worked with called me one day to tell me about a child they were seeking to place. They began telling me about a girl – and I asked, how old. When they said three weeks I nearly fell off my chair. To make a long story short, she was placed with us at age 2 months – she is now seven, and a constant delight. Every time I look at her I am reminded that God knows the desires of my heart – and I can trust him to give me what I need when I need it. He has since sent us two more rowdy preteen boys and a wonderful foster son.

  13. We were almost paper ready, but not financially ready, with our Ethiopian adoption when the Lord led my husband to take a ministry position in another city. We knew it was where we were supposed to go, and yet it seemed (humanly speaking) “crazy” to move in the middle of adoption paper work! But we put our house on the market and moved 5 hours away and re-did the necessary parts of our home study. The house sold, and lo and behold, what were the proceeds on the house? The amount we needed for our adoption! We were “sitting on it” the whole time and didn’t know it. It’s all His, and I need to remember that moment by moment! One day our daughter will be old enough to understand real estate sales, and I look forward to telling her that story!

  14. As a single mom, I have watched God provide for us over and over again. I always remember a few years ago, when a bill came in that I couldn’t imagine how to pay. The very same day I received an unexpected financial gift in the mail, for almost the exact amount. And the rest of it showed up 1 week later. Now, God is calling me to do something huge. I know I can’t do it on my own and can’t wait to see Him provide. Thank you for reminding me of His constant provision.

  15. Earlier this summer our washing machine finally really and truly died. (It had been kept going for months longer than ti should have because of my husband’s near constant tinkering with it.) So, the the washer joined the great appliance die-off of 2013. I really had no idea how we would scrape the money together for a replacement and the clothes were piling up. I had mentioned the washer’s demise on my blog, not asking for anything, but merely sharing the list of mechanical items that has ceased to work. Less than a day later, I get a call from one of our pastors who says that they have a washer and dryer in storage and they would like us to have them, we just needed to be able to pick them up. Now, these are not some shabby, live-in-storage-because-they-don’t-work-well machines, but top-of-the-line, heavy-duty appliances which were a significant step up from what we had had. God is good.

  16. Thanks for your encouraging articles and blog! When we began our adoption journey three years ago, we had already seen God provide funds for friends adopting as well. We did not know where all the money would come from, but we knew if God called us to it, he would see us through it! By the time our travel date arrived to head to Ethiopia and pick up our two sons, God had blessed us with almost $20,000 in donations. We serve an amazing God. When we respond in obedience, He makes a way in HIS perfect timing.

  17. God has provided in countless big and little ways over the years but recently as I have approached delivery time for my seventh baby I have wondered how we would purchase the things we need for this baby. At 42 I had used up or given away a lot of baby things so she was going to need several items . Of course we have a house on the market/leasing out because my husband was called into the Army to minister two and a half years ago. Money has been tight because 6 months into this pregnancy we lost our renters. Anyway, the list I had made of what the baby would need has been completed by generous ladies in the Army community and my mom. I didn’t ask for a thing. They all passed on what they had and it “happened” to be just what I needed!! A baby bed, a nearly new pack and play, mounds of girl clothes, a Mobi wrap, a brand new car seat, a stationary jumper….seriously, my cup runneth over because it is MORE than what I needed. We serve a God that provides and then some! 🙂

  18. Hmm…guess I’ll go with the adoption theme as well. We had experienced a number of ‘closed doors’ – the first country we signed on with basically closed within months (unless we were able to do an extended and unpredictable residency period). The second hit trouble within months – and its closure to adoption through our agency/country/province was announced at the very same time the agency went bankrupt. While we signed on with the restructured agency for another country program, it felt like a default decision, and we began to explore public adoption in our province. A first match seemed ‘meant to be’…a refugee teen (and potentially his brother). We spent a summer getting to know him, and were within a short time of placement when new information came to light that made us unable to proceed. We wondered if adoption was not the journey we were ‘supposed’ to be on, but gave things one more shot by attending a provincial networking opportunity where children available across the province were profiled. We expressed interest in a beautiful set of three siblings, were short-listed, and went through the interview process. The other family who had done the same was chosen just before Christmas 2010. At this point, we were sure of staying the course, and working with our local Children’s Aid Society toward public adoption, but were pretty grieved about our ‘almost’ match. Shortly into the new year, we were matched with young sisters locally. We made the difficult decision not to proceed with that match. The day I called to inform our worker of that decision, we were told of two other local possibilities (sibling groups of 3-4 children, with a range of needs). We were also told that the three children we had nearly been matched with in another region were still available – the family who had been chosen had decided not to proceed. We were asked if we wanted to be considered again (we would not have been told about this if we had agreed to proceed with the local match). Within a few weeks, we had been chosen, and met our future kids for the first time. They have been home for two years now, and while the adjustment has not been easy for all of us, we know they are amazing people and I am honoured to be able to watch them grow up. In trying to make sense of all the twists and turns and suspense in our journey, I have come to believe it has something to do with learning to wait, in trust, for the right thing, at the right time….AND…it has been evidence that we are not in control, and that is not a bad thing…this only happened because God let it happen, NOT by anything we were able to accomplish on our own.

  19. We had to move out of a house we were renting because the owners sold it, we were in between houses, low on finances and while visiting my parents ion a different state a job fell in my lap, the best part, the job includes housing!

  20. God continues to amaze me. Each time I am faced with a challenge, I always hear God telling me “would I ask you to do something I have not prepared you to do?” We are in the final stages of adopting a teenager from the foster care system. I have relied on that statement daily.

  21. God brought my husband and I together, but only after I said, “Ok God, all of You is more than enough for all of me. If I never go on another date, if I never get married, all of You is enough.” I know He just wanted me to be complete with Him so that I wouldn’t expect my husband to complete me. I continually have to remind myself of that in those times when I expect my husband to be my all in all – which he can’t physically be. Only God can.

  22. Everything! My hubby and 6 sons.

  23. God orchestrated the schedule so we could appear in court for our 4th adoption during the same trip that we were picking up 2 other children. The combined trip saved us thousands that we didn’t have!

  24. My husband and I had our first daughter when I was seventeen and he was eighteen. By God’s grace, we actually made it work, were married, completed college and both got good jobs. However, when our daughter was almost four, we decided we were ready to add to our family. Much to our surprise, we found out that I have a condition that actually makes it hard for me to become pregnant (ironic, right?). I really struggled for a while, feeling angry at God for giving us a baby when we weren’t ready, (although of course we would never change that- we love our daughter so much!), but then not blessing us with one when we were. After almost 2 years of trying, I finally found out I was pregnant. The biggest surprise by far, however, was that the day after I took the pregnancy test, my husband found out he had received an unexpected promotion. Not only did this ease our financial burdens, but it made it possible for us to afford to have me stay home with our children. God had known all along what we needed! If we had gotten pregnant when we first wanted to, I would not have been able to stay home with my babies, which is something I had always dreamed of doing. He has blessed us most richly since then, with our second daughter, our first son, and another on the way. God is good, all the time!

  25. Each and every day I amazed at the ways that God provides. Today one thing was bunches of green beans (nearly two cannerfulls) from my Mom after I had been disappointed to find out that mine had been largely killed by gophers. Lately it was free insulation for our chicken coop from a friend that just happened to ask if we needed any. It is children who passionately love their heavenly Father (and their earthly father too) even though their Dad has turned his back on God. It is the strength He gives each day. He has caused our bees to produce far more honey than is normal or expected. I can only say “God is good!” There is no other explanation. God is a very abundant provider! I stand completely in awe of Him.

  26. no specifics but just when it seems like its gonna be bad, he is always faithful & provides!

  27. I was given nearly everythng I needed for homeschooling this year – free!

  28. S. Trstenjak says:

    Last October our four year old son required three trips to the ER and two hospitalizations after falling from an outside swing. Money was tight as we’d recently had our 6th child and purchased a used 12 seater to replace the mini-van that we no longer all fit in. Among the stress, concern for our son and everything seemingly spinning out of control, a friend gave my husband an envelope with $1,000 cash inside! Talk about provision and encouragement.
    I’d love to read this book. I read a little on the author’s blog and would like to know more. Adoption has been a question mark for me every since I read YOUR book. My husband and I talk about it from time to time. We’ll see what God might do…
    Thank you! Sarah

  29. God has provided for us in so many ways just-in-time. His timing is perfect.

  30. Kristina B says:

    God provides every day!

  31. Kim Stewart says:

    This past summer my son went with our church on a missions trip to Nicaragua. Passports, shots and trip cost were just shy of $3000! Five days before deadline we were only halfway there. Team leadership and the missions committee were growing a bit anxious. Three days later we were actually $400 over our needs and it went to a friend who was $400 short for his trip!


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