Weird Dinner

Dinner tonight

You have to be brave to eat at our house some nights. This evening we had falafel (Middle Eastern pancakes made with garbanzo beans), firfir (Ethiopian injera fried with onions, berbere and tomatoes) and oee kimchi  (Korean cucumber salad with a vinegar/oil/red pepper dressing.)  Since we made the firfir spicy, we kept the cukes  mild, as a cooling balance.  And since our tomatoes are coming on, we also served tomato wedges.  It was an eclectic combination that turned out to be very yummy.  And since it relied on garden produce and was meat-free, it was also very affordable.

Do you have odd dinners at your house sometimes?


  1. Once or twice a month, we have bizarre meals. I don’t generally make them that way on purpose, though, it is usually a matter of using up the little bits of this and that leftovers in the fridge. The other day, dinner was a spoonful each of potato salad, pulled pork, yellow rice, baked beans, sardine fritters, and quinoa tabouli salad with extra wedges of tomatoes. It finished up all those items and cleared out the fridge. I figure you get odd mixes like that if you go to a buffet, right? Last night was a small slice of pizza with a baby burrito made from leftover rice and beans.and a large taco shell. (I get the uncooked tortillas that you just cook in the skillet when you want to eat them. There is such a world of flavor difference!) My son is a creature of habit so I can’t spring too many unusual items on him at once. An intentional meal of odd items would really mess him up, but knowing it is just a once-off fridge clear seems to be acceptable. Gotta keep the peace….

    I’ve heard you refer to kimchi on a number of occasions, but I did not know what it was. I finally googled it this time! Thanks for the link to the recipe, I’ll give it a try.

    • Sandi, I’ll have to try the uncooked tortillas– never have…

      • I second the uncooked tortilla recommendation! We get a package of 36 at Sam’s Club for $5-6…Tortilla Land brand, I think. They are less expensive than pre-cooked tortillas (and have healthier ingredients than most), but more convenient than homemade when I’m short on time.

  2. We used to have some crazy dinners turn up once in a while, but I have to admit that I’ve been it a real rut lately, cooking the same things over and over. No surprises there. I thing you can find some real keepers amongst the crazy ones sometimes.

  3. My question is which side of the picture is the falafel and the injera? Because my falafel don’t look like either. Also, I bake my falafel and they get wonderfully brown and crispy on the outside. And, I can do so many at once then freeze leftovers for additional meals. Traditionally, falafel are made from soaked, uncooked garbanzos. The texture is better, identical (except for the frying part) to what I got on the streets of Israel. Yum.

    • The falafel is the pancake thing on the left. I used garbanzo beans that I cooked myself — they were a little ‘crisp’ still. And since I have had trouble with my falafel sometimes not being cooked thru in the center, I flatten the dough balls out before I cook them.

  4. I made a brownie with garbanzo beans this week for dessert. It was delicious…..garbanzo beans, cocoa, coconut oil and honey

  5. Did you make your injera? I’ve been wanting to know how! If you made it, where did you find the ingredients and recipe?

  6. My favourite meals are when my mum and I get together and bring our leftovers and odds and ends out the fridge or freezer and make a meal out of them, however random that may be!