4th of July party planning

I’m looking forward to our annual 4th of July family party, and have been bookmarking some ideas that I’m thinking about trying.  Click on each photo to go to each tutorial.

These pinwheels look like fun to make, and they’d delight the little grandsons!  We might use heavy drinking straws instead of skewers though.

4th of July pinwheels

Aren’t these tin can windsocks just adorable?  I think they’d be fun in the tree over the swimming pool all summer long.  For the streamers, I’d probably cut strips off some cheapo plastic tablecloths you can get from a party store.  That way they will be able to withstand rain.


This salad looks so pretty and yummy.  Also, I’ve never bought jimaca before in my life, so it’s about time I do!



I’ve used this idea in previous years but in individual glasses, which has always felt a little too fussy with the numbers of people I serve.  I love the idea of setting it up in a big dispenser and letting people serve themselves. It might mix up a bit while being dispensed, but it would still taste as good.

party punch



Here’s one last decor idea.  Even if you decided not to do the lettering, the stars suspended on ribbon are a lot of fun. This idea would be fun birthday decor too.

Great 4th of July Garland

Finally, if you’re looking for games for a large crew, be sure to check out the post I wrote awhile back detailing some of the games we’ve played over the years with varying ages of people.

Do you have plans for the 4th?

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  1. Love these ideas!

    Jicama is wonderful, by the way. We love it with (your) ranch! Taste it before you put it in your salad, because occasionally you’ll get one that isn’t fresh and it will taste woody instead of sweet. An alternative to jicama could be chopped apples. That’s how we usually make our “July salad”. 🙂

  2. Hope you like the jicama, I was introduced to it years ago from my mother-in-law. Interesting flavor and the texture is a bit like apple or raw potato. I’ll have to pick one up soon and try it in salad!

    I saw the tin can windsock on Pinterest and I’m saving up some cans so I can make some with my kids 🙂

  3. For that patriotic punch, do you use the original recipe or have you changed up the ingredients? I’m wondering if there is something else to use instead of the Diet 7-Up. Diet Coke is the only diet drink I’ve ever put up with and I’m really trying to avoid the chemicals in diet by not drinking any of them. The sugar content would be different in standard 7-Up, though, so I don’t know if the layers would still work. (and of the 7-Up, Sprite, Sierra Mist category, I prefer Sierra Mist)

    • To work, it has to be a diet drink, but I think Sierra Mist would probably be fine. Maybe try a mini version in a single glass to be sure..?