World’s Greatest Beans giveaway Ethiopian CoffeeAs many of you know, my ‘baby’ sister is currently living in Ethiopia doing medical mission work.  Each time she comes to America on furlough, knowing what a coffee nut I am, she brings me some of THE best coffee in the world.  It’s an Ethiopian brand called, and it is sooooo delicious.

I’ve posted before about the work that Bring Love In does in Ethiopia.  The founders, Levi and Jessie Benkert, had the idea to bring widows and orphans together into family units,  to provide the orphans with mothers and the widows with support to live and raise these children.  It is a fabulous idea, one I am so excited about.  I hope that if you haven’t already, you’ll go to their website and read about their work.  Adoption is a solution for some kids.  But we need to be thinking of more ways to help orphans that don’t involve them having to leave their country of birth, and this is a wonderful example of how this can look.

So– what do and Bring Love In have to do with each other?  Well, some people who are fans of both have brought them together.  A website called World’s Greatest Beans sells the coffee and donates part of each sale to Bring Love In.

To bring some attention to this new business, I’ve been authorized to give away three pounds of this yummy coffee!  Here are three ways you can enter the drawing.

1. Go follow World’s Greatest Beans on twitter and come back here and tell me you did so.

2. Like World’s Greatest Beans on Facebook and come comment again.

3.  Pin this post on Pinterest or like this post on Facebook (use the buttons below)and comment AGAIN to tell me you did so.

Yes, if you want three entries, you’ll need to comment three times!  But the winner of this giveaway gets THREE pounds of coffee, so you can see, it is totally worth it.  🙂  I’m going to give you a full week to enter this fun drawing.  Even if you’re not a coffee fan –, yes, I GUESS we can still be friends…  😉  –I hope you’ll consider using social media to tell folks about this great way to bless widows and orphans in Ethiopia.  It is very worthy work!





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  3. Just repinned this on Pinterest! We brought home enough of this coffee to last one year when we adopted our son from Ethiopia. Wish we had brought home more! It’s the best!!

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    I am doing good to remember to check out your posting when on my break at work. No computer at home and have no desire to have one. My 14 year old does all computer work at school. Schools are required to leave enough time for work in school and/or offer alternative assignment if computer access is going to be a problem. My daughter has four other close friends that don’t have computers at home and she certainly has never asked the whole class. We don’t even have cell phones and love our life without it. They take up way too much time- just ask the recent Ms. America contestant who responded to her interview question that social media is producing persons who don’t know how to physically interact with each other.

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    I would LOVE to try this coffee. I believe in their cause and it sounds yummy!

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