Stitch Fix #3- help!

I’m so spoiled to have been able to order another Stitch Fix. I wasn’t intending to do so, but several of you kind folks signed up to try the service for yourself, which gave me referral credit money to spend.  Thank you so much!  (Here’s Fix #1, and Fix #2 if you missed them.)

Last week I got a fix that was a total dud–I should have shown you the items, but I just didn’t love anything enough to even make the effort to take pictures.  I briefly considered one dress, but my hubby took one look at it and got a look of panic in his eyes  (that ‘what the heck do I say now?’ look) and so I knew even that one would not be a keeper.  It was kind of a bummer because it ate up $20 of the referral credit just to look at those items, but I still had enough credit that I decided to ask for another box.

Here’s what I got this time–this batch turned out to be much more my style.  Click on any of the photos to enlarge them and get a better look.

Blue (1)1. Blue      First up is this blue dress.  It really is too short as a dress for my taste, but I loved the color against my face and it fit well. So I tweaked it around a bit to see if I could make it work as a tunic.  I liked it with black leggings and black boots, except then the sleeveless part felt odd, so I put on a jean jacket, which was cute, but it totally took away the summer vibe.Hm.

Next I tried it with my skinny jeans, and added a brown belt and brown jewelry, which I ended up really liking.  I think I MIGHT also try it with a knee length black pencil skirt underneath, to see if that would give more coverage but still have the skirt feel.  Or, ya know, lose 20 pounds so I don’t feel self-conscious about my legs.  But even then I think the length is maybe too ‘young’ for me worn alone.

Mint top2.  Next up is this mint cowl neck tee.  It fit well, the color was good on me, and I liked the flowy motion of the style. But it had kind of an elegant-business-lady vibe  (see my face trying to project that?) and I’m just not sure that’s me.  Plus, the color is so pale I’d probably stain it instantly.  The white shorts in the photo are already giving me fits, and I don’t really want to be fussy and worried about my clothes.

Boatneck3. You can probably tell by the expression on my face that this striped top feels like me.  (Makes me laugh how much my face gives away whether I like something– also, I’m so awkward in front of the camera– yikes!)  Anyway, I’m not sure if in a store I’d have gravitated toward these horizontal stripes –scary!  But the fabric is uber-soft, the fit is just right. and the style looks good with jeans or shorts.  It just feels like something I’ll pull out of my closet to wear over and over again.  Bonus– the fabric feels very sturdy, so I don’t think it will pill up as quickly as some t-shirts do these days.

PrintSkirt4. Next up is this adorable brown print dress– I squealed when I saw it because the pattern and the flow of it is totally me!  I really, really love it. Do enlarge the photos to see it better.  But again, the length on this dress, though longer than the blue, made me uncertain. It came with a completely separate black under-slip, which is nice for coverage, especially because the skirt is very light and flippy.  I can totally see myself wearing it out on a date with my hubby, but at church I’m afraid I’d be tugging it down and feeling self-conscious.

PrintwithSkinniesSo again, I tried it tunic-style with my skinny jeans.   I’m not sure if that truly looks OK.  Is it too long and too flippy to pretend to be a tunic?  And is the crossways pattern on the skirt flattering to my hips?  These are the questions I’m asking myself.  I really, really love the pattern, and really want to make the dress work, but I’m just not sure.  What do you think? I’m seriously thinking about keeping it for my 17yo daughter.  The colors would be gorgeous on her, I could still admire the dress 🙂 , and she’s 5 inches shorter than I am, so the length would be perfect on her.

WhiteSweater5.  Finally, they sent me this adorable short sleeve white sweater.  My 8yo took the picture, and I could see her lowering the camera about to cut off my head– thus my funny knee-bend pose. 🙂   This type of layer would be useful for a TON of different outfits– I’ve been needing something along these lines for awhile.  It fits great, and is a nice sheer layer– so much fun.

So what do you think? Which looks best on me?

If you think you’d like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, click here.  If you order a fix, a referral credit will go to me– thanks!! And if you recommend Stitch Fix to your friends, you can get credit as well.

So whaddaya think?  What should I keep?

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  1. crystal says:

    I REALLY like the blue dress!! The color looks awesome on you!! I would not wear it as a dress either, it does seem a bit short 🙁 Also the white sweater is gorgeous! I personally know that I don’t wear white (little children, shows dirt) So I know that I would never wear it. If you know that you could use it with a lot of different things and would wear it then you should go for it!!

  2. If you would wear 3 and 5 a lot, I vote for those! I do think the brown dress works fine over jeans or just as a dress and looks very nice on you, so that too!

  3. I love the blue dress, I think it looked super cute with the leggings and boots! I also liked the striped shirt. I love the brown dress – it little short for my taste so I would try and pair it up with brown leggings – it looked good with your jeans as well.

    • Brown leggings– that’s a good idea! Another idea I had (more work) was to sew in a solid brown under-layer of a similar floaty fabric….

  4. Well, this will probably be no help because I think they all look cute on you. And while I didn’t think that the brown dress was going to be cute with jeans, I actually really like it. I say keep them all. 🙂

  5. I love the white sweater! The blue dress is really pretty on you too. The length though I agree with you on. I think with white leggins it’d be smashing, though.

  6. AmyWright says:

    I would pick #3. I think it’s very flattering on you and looks comfortable as well. But, maybe I like it because I would like it for me… 🙂

  7. Becky Bertram says:

    Mary, the color of the blue dress is perfect for you ~ however, I agree that it is better with jeans or leggings. I also really liked the dress in #4 and could picture you wearing it in the fall with darker leggings and boots. The white sweater is nice and looks like it would dress up any outfit. Is it a good material that would hold up with lots of washings? I have such a hard time wearing anything white. It seems like the minute I put it on, I spill or bump into something that causes a stain. (Plus being a teacher, there are lots of chances for spills, grimy hands, etc. while I’m working.) I do have a “Tide” pen at school which has helped. 🙂

    • The sweater is fairly delicate– I think I’d have to be careful with it…But I’m most likely to wear it to church or when going out, so hopefully that would slightly decrease the likelihood of mes…

  8. NOT going to look at other comments to sway my opinion. I love the brown dress and possibly try it with dark brown slacks of some kind ; while it looks okay by itself- it looks better over some pants of some kind. Love the white and gray sweater and I would try it with a colored sleeveless top and jeans for everyday use. I love light sweaters with sleeveless tops–very versatile. Nothing beats a sleeveless tank!!!!!!

  9. #3 and #5- you love them and are confident about them and they look great!

  10. I think you look beautiful in the vivid blue dress. I also like the white cardigan sweater on you. I see what you mean about the business lady style of the mint green top, but that color is very pretty on you. Mint green is one of those colors in love but absolutely can not wear myself with my coloring. If I had your skin and hair tone, I might get that one for church (with maybe a longish white skirt?) or a date with hubby (with white jeans).

  11. Usually I can pick one or two that I like for you, but this time… I like them ALL. The styles, colors, and fit all look really nice. I think the brown dress would look better with brown leggings rather than jeans. (I wasn’t fond of it with the jeans.) Since you said it would be good for your daughter, maybe you could just borrow it for date night and leave it as just a dress. 🙂

  12. BTW, no wonder your littlest is usually in braids. My goodness, she has quite a head of hair!

  13. I like all of them, but love the blue dress and mint top the best. I don’t think the mint top looks to business like. It looks like stylish, rockin’ mom of 10! Love the colour on you, and it just pops against the white shorts. Would be cute with a white maxi skirt, too. Someone else mentioned white leggings with the blue dress – I think that would make it summery – maybe capri leggings – and then you’d have it for over jeans or darker leggings for winter. The striped top is cute and casual. A white sweater is a must in my wardrobe. I wear mine to church all the time with many different outfits. For either dress, if you’re going tunic-style, you could hem them up a few inches. I like it all! You’re a great example of being a mom and not letting yourself go – so beautiful!

  14. The striped top is perfect for you!

  15. Christin Harrison says:

    I personally would get a lot of use out of the sweater. 🙂

    Question: Can you give me an idea on how much these items cost? I keep seeing people talk about Stitch Fix, and know that it would cost more than I maybe usually spend, but I have no idea what that would be? I am curious. 🙂

    Thanks! 🙂

    • OK, hold onto your hat. 🙂

      #1-Douglas belted sleeveless dress in blue-$68
      #2-Roma Cowl neck in mint- $48
      #3-Rebeka Striped Jersey- $48
      #4-Bella Paisley Print dress- $75
      #5-Benny Shortsleeve knit cardigan-$48

      I know lots of people wouldn’t blink at those prices, but for me it’s spendy. If I choose to buy the whole batch– which is what my hubby thinks I should do because he likes them all– there’s a 25% discount that kicks in. That still leaves me paying about $100 BEYOND the amount of credit I have. From that point of view it’s fairly reasonably, but still a bit more than I tend to pay for clothes.

      • Christin Harrison says:

        Yep, a little pricey for my normal budget, but it would be fun to see what they sent. Thanks for curbing my curiosity. 🙂

  16. I have had trouble with Stitch Fix’s short dresses as well. I specifically put in my original style questionnaire that I wear lots of skirts and dresses, but I like them to be at least to my knees. I have gotten 3-4 dresses from them so far, and everyone hits about mid thigh. I keep sending them back with comments about “no dresses above the knee” and they just keep sending short dresses. It’s just not a part of my body I’m comfortable showing. It’s really irritating.

  17. Wish I could sign up again to get you another credit! I had the best time opening up my Stitch Fix box and ended up keeping two items (2 Dresses). I’m quite short, so I appreciated the shorter length of their dresses.

    To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of wearing pants/jeans under dresses. I feel it adds bulk to an area I would like to keep as slim as possible. How about wearing brown tights (I define tights as being thicker than hose, but thinner than leggings) and boots with that brown dress? Might not seem too summery with boots, but will be great for the rest of the year.
    Other than the brown dress, I would also keep the white sweater. You will wear it everywhere this summer!
    Let us know what you decide to keep.

  18. I love the blue. Very fun. I think it would be cute with black capri length leggings and fun sandals. Also cute with a straight leg above the knee short in white or a fun color like hot pink. Two bold colors together is really in and very fun. The stripe top is very flattering. I’d wear it a lot.

  19. #3 and #5. Unless you are willing to sew on a layer of fabric to the brown dress. It is never worth keeping something too short! You see those poor girls constantly tugging their dresses – it is sad. And draws attention to what they are trying to cover up. Not good.
    This is a little out of my clothing budget, but if I had more money to spend I would use eShakti. You can customize every item they sell! How awesome is that. You can change the length, neckline, sleeves. Heaven.

  20. #2, #3, and #5. I think #2 is just gorgeous on you. I know you wouldn’t wear it every day. But for church with a longer white or black skirt, it would be stunning. You could also wear it with white pants or capris for a date night. I think it’s fun to have a special thing or two in your closet. #3 is a given. The white sweater could dress up a lot of plain tanks and could be a versatile piece in your closet. As for the dresses, I think that both of them fall into the category of being “almost right.” I’d hold out for dresses that are perfect for you. Great Fix!

  21. Just found your blog because I love seeing what people are getting in their Stitch Fix boxes. Which items did you end up keeping from Fix #1 and #2? Inquiring minds! Maybe another post showing what you kept from 1, 2, & 3??

  22. Maybe it’s a southern thing but it’s become popular this spring/summer to find a slip with a pretty lace on the bottom that’s longer than the dress and wear it under a too short dress to add length. I really like the blue on you!


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