Mikarose for maternity

I’ve loved the look of Mikarose dresses for awhile– they are modest and stylish, which is a hard combination to find sometimes. Recently Mikarose graciously gave my two expectant daughters a chance to try out a couple of the styles that are good for maternity. Amanda is due in July, and Erika is due in September.

AmandaDress1 (800x574)Amanda says:  “When I found out that there was an opportunity to try, in exchange for a review, one of the lovely dresses from Mikarose, I jumped at the chance.  I had known for several months that we had a wedding to attend when I would be 8 months pregnant and I was expecting to have trouble finding something appropriate that I could enjoy wearing….” (Read her complete review.)

dressErikaErika also wondered about finding cute things to wear: “Summer dressing is very much different when you’re pregnant. Last pregnancy, all of my obviously pregnant months were during the cold winter. It was fine and dandy. I just never wore a coat (well, maybe a couple times when it snowed!). I rocked the layered look with sweaters, scarves, skirts and leggings. It wasn’t horribly difficult to keep feeling cute and stay a comfortable temperature at the same time… But I’ve been kind of dreading this summer…”  (Here’s the rest of her review.)

More pictures are on the girls’ blogs, so be sure to click on over to see. Big thanks to Mikarose for helping my lovely girls answer their maternity wardrobe questions.  And just a heads-up, Costco is featuring Mikarose dresses in some of their stores this summer, so check it out!


  1. Linda Sue says:

    Thanks for the heads up – although maternity is last thing I’d need! overall how do the sizes fit? I looked at their size chart and the measurements are a full size smaller (as in the XL = normal L in most clothes and wondered it they also fit that way? Modest atractive clothing – what a concept! Tried locally to find a top and skirt for summer church and was disgusted with fabrics and cuts being basically cheap (both in quality and styling – when did hoochie mama become mainstream style?)
    always – your blog is useful and fun for readers including those of us with no kids and far beyond your age group!

    • Linda Sue, The quality is excellent but they might run just a little small. I’ll ask Erika to answer here too, though, because this is actually her second Mikarose dress.

      • Linda Sue says:

        thank you Mary – I am becoming SUCH an internet shopper and unfortunately many of my favorites are also far too pricey except on clearance! these clothes seem stylish, modest and reasonably priced

  2. Had never heard of this company but when looking at their options, surprised to see that if you shop the sale items; you are really finding a good priced item. Even their regularly priced items are not an outlandish cost.
    Will have to keep this company in mind when looking for work clothes.