Five Minute Friday


I’m a day late but today I’m playing along with Lisa Jo Baker’s Friday writing game. This week’s word is ‘Fall’.


I think about the word ‘fall’ and the image that comes to my mind is being there for my preschoolers under the monkey bars at the playground, and catching them just as little sweaty hands give way. Sure, there’s only bark at the bottom of a three foot drop, but I see the worry in their eyes when they get just a little too far away from the edge and so I’m there to catch.

I know that precarious ‘out there’ feeling as an adult too, feeling like I’m over an abyss and I can’t quite find my footing on my own. God knows I’m safe, that it’s all going to work out in the end, but I can’t quite see how I’m getting to the other side, and so I’m worried.

But there’s Jesus with His arms outstretched, understanding my fears, ready to catch, flooding my heart with His beloved words, reminding me ‘never will I leave you, never will I forsake you’, promising mercies new every morning, reminding me of the future and the hope He has planned for me, telling me how much he loves me and my precious ones.

And I relax and let go and it turns out that falling is actually joy when I’m falling into His arms.

He’s got me.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful! And I am a day late too…so it’s not just you! 🙂

  2. Really nice.

  3. It is SUCH joy to fall into His arms. Really lovely post!