Rejoicing today

JacksonWhen I saw little Jackson’s face a few weeks ago, I was so drawn to him.  I honestly wondered for a little while if we were meant to add child #11 to our family.  But as it turned out, my role was just to share his need with others.  This morning I was thrilled to hear that his waiver was approved. He has a family! Praise God! If you haven’t already,  will you consider donating to his fund? Not everyone is called to adopt, but everyone can reach out to orphans in some way.   I’m so very thankful to hear that God has brought forward a family for this precious one.


Links I’ve Enjoyed This Week

I’m on Aslan’s Side –Here’s a woman’s journey toward faith.  I found this blog post after hearing my hubby read the first line in the post to the kids at bedtime stories the other evening.

You Can–Here are some powerful positive words to use with kids to encourage good choices.

Be the Net — Blessing new adoptive families is another way we can provide for orphans.


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! This is the little boy that my friends were just approved to adopt. Small, small world. Thank you for this post. I will forward it on to them.

  2. Okay, now I see that she has commented about him in past posts. 🙂 I’m out of the loop. Ha!

  3. I’M SO HAPPY!!! Can’t wait to se his face on My Family Found Me at Reece’s Rainbow!

  4. so happy to hear that! I’m a college student, so unfortunately adoption is far out of my reach right now..

  5. Blessed to hear this development.

  6. Just overwhelmed with gratitude today…especially for your posting on April 25th that led us to our son…and changed all of our lives. 🙂 May God richly bless you and your family!

  7. jennifer says:

    Aww- congratulations- how awesome! I loved be the net. That is truly awesome and I think it would be a great guideline for churches. At our former church, those with newborns were blessed with a meal. Those of us who adopted- not so much. We ended up finding a church that supported adoption and foster care in action which is so important.

  8. So pleased he is on his way home! now he can finally have a life and be treated like an actual human being.

  9. What a great way to start the day. Good news!!!!