When I’m a grownup

When I was a kid, I didn’t do tons of thinking about the kind of mom I’d be.  But I do remember deciding a couple of things– that I wouldn’t let my oldest kid do the most work, and that I’d let my kids eat junky cereal.  Apparently I’d decided my young life was being ruined by bathroom-cleaning and Grape-Nuts.  😉

At the beachThe other day my 8 year old and I went for a walk and started talking about her plans for parenthood.   She got to chattering, and by the time we got home, she’d said so many funny things that I was running for the computer to write them down.  She proceeded sit next to me and dictate her thoughts for 10 more minutes, and even asked to add to them a day or so later. Here’s what Julianna had to say about being a mom:


Julianna: “I’m gonna have 10 kids—4 girls and 4 boys.”  Here she paused to do a bit of addition.  “No…. one more girl and one more boy—five girls and five boys. And I’ll tell you their names: Emily, Ashley, Katelyn, Claire, Amy, Frank, Steve…..”

JuliannaMom:  “Is your husband going to have a chance to name anybody?”

Julianna:  “Yeah, I’m gonna name four boys and he’s gonna name the other one. My other boys are Dave and David.  They’re gonna be twins.  But I hope I can have a remote, so I can fast forward through the hurting parts.”

Mom:  “What are you going to do when your babies cry?”

Julianna:  “Feed them a bottle– or nurse them– and rock them back to sleep.”

Mom:  “What if your babies wake up a lot at night?”

Julianna:  “For Saturdays my husband is going to take care of them, and the rest of the time I will.”

Here chickie, chickie...

Mom: “Are you going to have pets?”
Julianna: “Yes, we’re going to live in the country and have three dogs, all Alaskan malamutes.  And we’re going to have calves, and a dairy, and we’re going to milk cows.  And we’ll have two hamsters, because I want one in my sons’ room and one in my daughters’ room.  The boys are going to have one room and the girls are going to have another room.  And it’ll be bunk bed, bunk bed, bunk bed.”


Mom:  “Are you going to homeschool or send them to school?”

Julianna:  “Homeschool.”

Mom: “What subjects do you think you’ll like to teach the most?”

Julianna: “Reading and writing.  And I’ll leave the rest to my husband.”

Mom:  “Are you going to work away from home?”

Julianna:  “No, because my kids need help for school.  And I don’t want them to be stuck, like on their math, because it’s not a pretty sight.”

Mom:  “Are you going to have your kids do chores?”

Practicing with her nephewsJulianna: “Yes, I’ll have them spot-mop the kitchen and clean the bathroom and empty dishwasher.  I’m gonna make Frank empty it in the morning, and  T— did I name a kid T?”  (Mom: No.)  “I’m gonna make Amy do it on lunchtime, and I’m gonna make Steve do dinner dishwasher.  Dave and David are gonna do the dishes at dinner.”

Mom:  “What kind things are you going to cook?”

Julianna:  “Meat. And potatoes, mashed potatoes.  On Friday nights I’m going to take my husband and my kids out to Dicky’s BBQ Pit. And Saturdays my husband is going to cook. And when I grow up, we’re never going to have fish, unless my husband cooks it for himself.  And sometimes we’ll have mushrooms, IF I grow up to like them. But first my kids are going to have to eat salad, before they eat anything else. And if they don’t eat all their food, they won’t get dessert.”

Mom:  “What else are you going to do with your kids?”

With RangerJulianna:  “For Saturdays I’m gonna take them out for movies at bedtime, well…..in the afternoon.  Sundays I’m going to take them to the zoo.  And when they go to bed I’m gonna have time with my husband. And every Saturday, Sunday and Monday and maybe Tuesdays, if they’re good, we’ll come visit you. When they’re bad they’re gonna take a one hour nap. But when they’re baddish-goodish, they’re gonna take a half hour nap.”


Would you like to hear your own children’s future parenting plans? Here are some questions you can use to begin the conversation.  Be sure to follow the rabbit trails as you chat– that’s where you’ll probably find the most interesting stuff.

  1. Do you think you’ll have children when you grow up?  How many?
  2. Are you hoping for boys or girls?  How many of each?
  3. Do you have names picked out?  How will you and your husband agree on names?
  4. What will you do when your babies cry?  What do you think helps babies sleep at night?
  5. What games do you think you’ll play with your children?
  6. Will you have them do chores?  Which ones?
  7. What will you do if your kids disobey?
  8. Are you going to let your kids have pets?  What kinds?
  9. Where will your kids go to school?  How will you help them with hard subjects?
  10. What kind of food will you cook for your children?  What will you never cook?
  11. What will you do if your kids don’t like a food?
  12. What kinds of things will you do with your children for fun?
  13. What do you think will be the best part about being a parent?  The worst?

My daughter and I had so much fun chatting about this.  What questions would you ask your kids?  If you decide to write about what your kids say, share a link.  I’d love to read about it.

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  1. What a great conversation!
    Good job Mom!

  2. Lucky grandma, three-four days of visits a week!

  3. How fun!!

  4. So cute! I’m sure she’ll love reading these when she’s a bit older. I love the way little kids think and reason.

  5. “Did I name a kid T?”, LOL. She’s a riot.

  6. That’s awesome! My eight-year-old insists that she isn’t having children, or that if she does she only wants two because kids are too expensive, and she is lazy.

  7. Mikaila says:

    This is HILARIOUS! And so precious! You have given her an amazing foundation.

  8. Being the oldest of 5, I remember saying that I would NEVER make my oldest do so much of the work. And I tried to stick with that, even if he was the most reliable and trustworthy tyke ever. I really thought parenting was a breeze until next baby came along.
    I also had the names chosen, and my first was going to be Joseph or Joanna– asking the husband’s input came later, but we got a Joe.
    Nobody would be a namesake… my dad was a Senior, and husband’s dad was a Junior, husband named after a long-gone elder uncle– so each of our kids has his own name to make known.
    I love your question suggestions, I will keep in mind for when I am with littles again.

  9. That was awesome. Now I’m almost late to church, but reading that first was worth it. That husband will have quite a busy schedule to fit all that in! Twins Dave and David could be confusing, though, so maybe one of those should be the T. 🙂

    I had one first and middle boy’s name and girl’s name picked out since high school. I never got a girl, and my boy’s name ended up being exactly my husband’s cousin’s name so I had to pick a new one when the kid was born (at least it fits his personality). I also wanted six kids and only ended up with one, so my plans clearly didn’t work out according to schedule.

  10. I love this story!!!