Staples ARC organizer giveaway

The winners of last week’s cookbook giveaway are Katy (Purposely Frugal) and Liza.  Email me your addresses, gals, and I will get the cookbooks headed your way.



I’m excited about a giveaway I have for your today! Awhile back Staples sent me a sample of the Staples ARC organizer notebook. If you click on the link, you’ll see the many ways you can customize this notebook. There are various colors of leather, some cute patterns, and lots of neat additions like pocket pages, colored dividers, various styles of paper, and even page flags. 

My dividers are currently marked: blogging, writing, menu/shopping, budget, and checkbook. I have been bringing the notebook with me everywhere.  Wherever I am, I can jot down grocery and menu ideas, peek at how I’m doing with this month’s budget, jot down blog post ideas, or write notes about things I need to get done during the week.  I especially like the task pads that I can stick anywhere in the notebook and then remove when I’m done with that particular task or list.  I always get more done when I take time to make out a to-do list, and this notebook makes organizing practically effortless.

Today I’m giving away one Staples ARC organizer notebook along with a cool Avant pen.  All you have to do to enter the drawing for this giveaway is tell me a few things on your own to-do list this week. For an additional entry, mention this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter, then come back and comment again. I’ll choose a winner on Friday!


  1. Camping trip for cub scouts

  2. Nice month off from computer usage that I think I am going to not use the computer any days but Tuesday from now on.
    This organizer would be great for my daughter going into high school next year. A great time to start organizing a person’s life.
    This week going to a live presentation of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as a chaperone with eighth grade choir, having minor surgery, working, painting trim in bathroom after just completing the walls, starting to rake garden out (snow is finally gone, though it snowed on Saturday!), and having grandsons spend one night this weekend.

  3. This looks like a terrific organizational tool – I’d love it!
    Today I need to clean up the yard and start getting the garden ready for planting.

  4. Christy M says:

    I need to organize my bathroom remodel!

  5. Today I need to: switch car insurance companies, transfer funds, clean the bathroom, purge my oldest son’s toys, get caught up on my bible study.

  6. Laundry, cooking and dishes are some of the things on my to do list.

  7. Make banana muffins, granola bars, and raw granola balls for the freezer for snacks when baby comes and hopefully have a garage sale this weekend. (Plus the usual cooking, cleaning, and laundry.)

  8. Patricia says:

    This week I’m working through all the things we have stored in the basement for giveaway, recycle and trash. Also starting to wrap up the three youngers school year with reviews and lapbook summaries. This would be a GREAT tool for homeschool!

  9. Get passport applications filled out and submitted!
    Print and send support letters for missions trip to Nicaragua!
    Missions training class Thursday night.
    Take pictures of oldest son going to prom.
    Charge camera today!
    Make 5 pillowcase dresses to take on trip.
    Lead sewing project after church Sunday.

  10. Making bread. Getting caught up on laundry (again!). Sending off birthday cards. CLEAN/ORGANIZE.

  11. Get ready for trip this weekend. Cook for the freezer. Order standardized test.

    I hope I win!

  12. karissa says:

    laundry. grocery shopping.

  13. cleaning the guest room, preparing meals for guests, getting caught up on other tasks so I can enjoy our guests 🙂

  14. Frugualjd says:

    I’m doing a cleanse this week and need to grocery shop every other day. All fruit for one day and all veggies for another . . . I seem to run out of fruit or vegetables and then I still need to feed a growing teen (who is not on a cleanse).

    Oy vey,

  15. Bulk grocery shopping, finish getting my vegetable starts in the ground, clean out car, consistent reading lessons with son, sweep sweatpants hose off front walk and deck, plan 2 weeks of dinners. Not too bad for one week!

  16. Amber N says:

    Right now I am working on cleaning out my basement and getting stuff ready to move.

  17. There are 19 things on my to-do list plus a sub-list of reminders that relate to two of the main things. Four items are struck from the list already! Looking forward to: Reviewing VBS materials for next week. Not excited about: Seasonal clothes swap. Ugh.

  18. On my to-do list this week
    grocery shopping (for 1 month for 11 people- takes awhile)
    take dd to the podiatrist
    make appointment for myself for allergies
    homeschool the youngsters

  19. I am the mom of 4 the manager of an animal shelter, I work in the shelter 7 days a week and live on the same property. My to do list is long and usually has a little of everything on it. The 1st 5 on my list for this week are:
    1.Call to arrange pick-up at the vet on Tues and Wed
    2.Window guy coming Wed -have cats leave room (there are 12 of them)
    3.Meeting at school Wed
    4.arrange volunteers for lawn sale in July ( need list by June 1st)
    5.Drive daughter to school for Art Club.

  20. organize kids game booth for church festival this weekend
    deep clean for spring
    paint part of the kitchen

  21. commented on facebook

  22. Errands including getting discounted bananas and apples to dehydrate for lunchtime and snack treats for kids. Also kale if there is some marked down for kale chips.
    Decluttering the papers on the kitchen counter. Ugh!

  23. Commented on FB

  24. Yay!! Can’t believe I won!! Thanks so much!
    This week’s to-do list includes: thoroughly cleaning the apartment we moved out of and going on a quick trip to see my sis-in-law graduate from Bible school.

  25. Make yogurt, make ice cream for son’s 11th birthday tomorrow, plant remaining tomato plants…read Plutarch to the older boys. Better get going!

  26. Melissa says:

    Take daughter #1 to start process of getting passport. Take daughter #2 for summer haircut and to donate her lovely long locks. Buy all the kids their bathing suits and water shoes for the summer. And school, school, school.

  27. Jessica Hetherington says:

    Today I am preparing for my Ph.D. thesis defense which is next Tuesday! I am 40, have 4 kids, and will finally achieve my dream!

  28. I hope to accomplish some much-neglected laundry, pull weeds in our garden, and tackle a new motivational method for helping my five year old learn to read!

  29. Today I have to finish packing, get the house cleaned, and make sure all four of our little ones are ready for our little trip. We have a doc appt three hours away, early in the morning, so we will be staying the night.

  30. Give breathing treatments to four of the kids multiple times a day for serveral, plus antibiotics to the baby. Take 5 of them for teeth cleaning tomorrow afternoon, the first time for the 3 yr. old twins. Wait today for the water purifier man to come. Love, love to make lists! It’s the only way I can “remember” anything!
    Thank you!

  31. Michelle Devine says:

    I have to spread mulch under the kids swingset and then restain it.

  32. Tykesmom says:

    Signing my son up for baseball, working on our bathroom remodel and scheduling a couple doctor appointments. Busy busy! 🙂

  33. Tykesmom says:

    And I shared on Facebook! Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Very cool organizer!

    This week:
    Finish intake paperwork for my rising 9th grader to enroll in the 4 year pre-engineering program at our local college.
    Proctor final exams for my high school sophomore’s online classes.
    Begin book orders for next year’s home schooling.

    Make 7 dozen cinnamon roll “pucks” for the freezer for Sunday a.m. breakfasts.
    Process rhubarb. . .lots and lots and lots of rhubarb.

    Write my next blog post/photo tutorial for my hand piecing series.

    Plant(!) my mother’s day haul from my brother-in-law: tomatoes, onions, basil, and lettuce starts from his greenhouse.
    Transplant seedlings from trays to cells for all of my summer flowers.
    Round-up around fences and walkways.

    Prepare piano special and Junior church lesson.

    I’m getting tired just looking at this list! 😀

  35. 1. finish creating my home management binder.
    2. “recover” the house (and our schedule) from having guests.
    3. eat more chocolate!


  36. laundry, dishes, cooking, groceries

    chaperone a kindergarten zoo field trip!

    spring cleaning/organizing that I hope to get done before kids are out of school for the year!

  37. Beth Gallagher says:

    Oh my goodness, what a fantastic giveaway! I’m always keeping an eagle eye out for the best organizational tool. On my list for the rest of the week are: finish making ethiopian coin earrings for a fair on Saturday, bake cookies for lunches, finish a story for a friday deadline, vacuum out our cupboards, send a package to Ethiopia, and figure out paint colors for the girls’ rooms. Argh. I NEED organization! ;D

  38. Mentioned your giveaway on Twitter + Facebook! 🙂

  39. Amy Mac says:

    Baseball games, HS graduation prep, mission prep, feed the masses, homeschool, field trip, and on and on.

  40. plant seeds.
    make food.
    help with homework.

  41. Make double batch of buns (60)

    Fold Mt. Foldme

    Meal plan

  42. Kristen says:

    On my to do list: attend senior honors ceremony, take second oldest son to eye appointment, attend two cello recitals, talk to a couple who is interested in adoption, pack for upcoming vacation, fill out paperwork for my two sons who will be attending summer camp, and last but not least–attend the Catalina Foothills High School graduation to watch my oldest son graduate (with two full scholarships!) Keeping up with four busy boys means I have to be organized!

  43. On my list: nurse sick 10 year old back to health. Ferry other elementary aged kids to tech rehearsal. Be at said tech rehearsal Thursday and Friday. Be at performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Last soccer games on Saturday. Clean out oldest’s room so she can move home for summer. Now that it officially hit 90 degrees, take out winter clothes from drawers so summer clothes can come out of the IKEA bags they are currently living in. Remake some ugly ’80’s dresses into circa 1913 dresses for the next show in 2 weeks. Oh, and feed, wash, love, comfort my motley crew. Ugh. I just tired myself out listing it all out!! I could use some organization, since I am pretty sure I left something out 😉

  44. Aside from the usual homeschooling, cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc.,
    -Bolt a few pieces of furniture to the walls with furniture straps (so the dangerous, 1 year old, climbing man doesn’t pull one over on himself)
    -Dress up the 2 month old and take her picture, so she can finally join her 8 big siblings on the living room wall (poor thing…)
    -Grocery shopping
    -Make and take a meal to a family with a new baby
    -Make a dessert for a get together with friends

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, although I’m sure there’s more. The notebook looks great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. Monday – take my 2 girls out to dinner for girls night while my 2 boys go to see Iron Man 3
    Tuesday – bring my son’s glasses to be fixed;
    Wednesday – dentist appt for a 4 at 8 am and then work; meetings from 12-4 ugh!
    Thursday – bring my oldest to visit the middle school he’ll be attending next year and get oil changed
    Friday – pick up glasses and finish laundry – get ready for a weekend of baseball.

  46. Katherine says:

    Cleaning up and re-organizing my home office. Boxing up family’s old clothes and taking to Goodwill.

  47. omg my to do list gets longer and longer as week goes on lets see
    1. call drs to set up next week appt for all 3 kids myself and hubby
    2. call pharmacy to make sure all meds are ready to be picked up
    3. call ride service for rides to and from appt
    4. is that enough or should i go on

  48. 1. meal plan. 2. buy retirement gift for friend. 3. clean windos