Stitch Fix #2- which should I pick?

Today I got another Stitch Fix package in the mail.  It is really fun to see what they come up with for me to try– definitely not stuff I’d have considered— but again the price tags gave me sticker shock.  I just don’t tend to spend $48 on one thing, so this service feels pretty splurgy. I probably could do better spending an afternoon at the mall and shopping for myself.  But I’ve got the package here now, and I am going to choose one, or maybe two of these items.  I’m curious to hear what you think looks best.  All poses compliments of my 8yo daughter who has way more pose ideas than I could ever come up with.  So lay it on me– which would you pick if you were me?

1. Black and white jacket  – When I first saw this jacket, I thought it was kind of old-ladyish, but I ended up liking it more than I expected.  It’d be better with some color, I think.  It is a little snug across the shoulders though.


2. Navy v-neck dress.  I didn’t do a great job photographing the details of this dress.  It is sleeveless, so most of the time I’d probably wear a shrug over it as shown. (Upper arm anxiety, ya know?)  It has a surplice style v-neck that’s not too low, and the color and fit was slimming and flattering to my figure.  The fabric has a nice quality feel. The length is a teensy bit shorter than I usually wear, but I think it is not too short.  I am not the greatest at styling things, but I had the feeling that with the right jewelry and other accessories  this could be a really, really versatile and useful piece.
 Navy dress


3. Navy striped tank top.  This tank would be a good layering piece, I think.  I like the easy flow of it, and the fact that it is longer in the back than the front. This is the type of thing I’d probably wear once or twice a week.
Striped tank top

4. Houndstooth skirt.   I think this pattern is really fun, the fabric is good quality, and I like the small flare and the length of the skirt.  It is figure-flattering, even from the back. Did have trouble finding a top that looked right with it.  It  needs something fitted on top to balance out right, I think.    Might be good with a brighter t-shirt.  Could probably go quite a few directions with it.  I’m never sure about shoes….

Would you like to try this service for yourself?  Click here to tell Stitch Fix that I referred you, and if you opt to place an order, I’ll get a $25 credit on my next order.  Then if you like the service, you can refer friends and get shopping credits yourself!


Here’s what I ended up picking!

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  1. Catherine says:

    You have GOT to keep that dress!!! You look phenomenal!

  2. Kristine says:

    the houndstooth skirt and the dress are both very flattering, really cute, and timeless. The only one I didn’t like was the first one. You look great in everything though.

  3. The dress would be really easy to dress up for a special night out or dress down for a ladies lunch. If you think you’d wear the striped tank top a few times a week then it’s probably worth the investment, too.

  4. Love the skirt and the tank! Must have been black and white week at Stitch Fix. 😀

  5. I like the skirt! I’d love to see it with coral or yellow or turquoise or purple!

  6. The skirt would look great with a bright color on top — a bright cardi & tank? Or a black top would look dressy, especially if you paired it with a colorful shoe or purse. And the navy dress needs some color too. Lime green would be great with it, as would red or fuschia, or silver or gold (for shoes and jewelry). You look great!

  7. I really like the first cardigan. The black and white pattern makes your skin tone look really rich! I like the first three especially, but they all look great! Nice picks this time!

  8. I love the skirt, dress and the tank!!!

  9. I really liked them all. You look great and the poses made me laugh- your 8 year old rocks.

    The skirt is pretty, but seems like it might be harder to find places to which you could wear it. I like the tank, but it on the other hand seems like something you could find a version of fairly easily in many stores.

    I loved the sweater.

    I think my final vote is with the dress. It seems like you really like it, it looks great, and it’s the perfect mix of versatile and special that seems to maximize this unique shopping experience!

  10. I would go with the dress and/or the navy striped top. If the sweater feels snug already, you probably won’t feel comfortable wearing it.

    I just received my second Stitch Fix also and I agree about the prices, but the convenience is amazing! I also like the fact that they send things that we probably wouldn’t normally pick out ourselves and tell us to try everything on. Amazing what we end up liking!

  11. I really think I am going to have to try this service. I have been looking for a houndstooth skirt, so I love that piece. I also love the navy dress and agree with Mary on colors that will make that really pop and give you some versatility with it-all kinds of options for getting your money’s worth out it. I do like the tank too, but I think you may be able to find something comparable for a better deal.

    • I meant to say Nancy and am not sure why this posted twice. I guess I edited it when it was already in progress.

  12. I really think I am going to have to try this service. I have been looking for a houndstooth skirt, so I love that piece, and I am desparate to update my church and professional wardrobe. I also love the navy dress and agree with Mary on colors that will make that really pop and give you some versatility with it-all kinds of options for getting your money’s worth out it. I do like the tank too, but I think you may be able to find something comparable for a better deal.

  13. Kristen says:

    The dress and thr tank!

  14. I think they all look nice on you. Hard to pick but maybe the dress?

  15. Amy Mac says:

    I am practical, I like the navy striped tank.

  16. I’m hard-pressed to pick one because you look cute in all of them, but i’d go with the dress which seems reasonable for $48. Definitely not the skirt or the t-shirt because we have all seen them sell for much less. If the jacket is snug, it’s probably not a wise choice anyway.

  17. The dress and the tank are my faves!

  18. I like the first sweater in blk/wht and the navy dress. I have to ask about the wedges you are wearing with the navy dress .. where did you get them? A gal at another site raves about a pair that look like them, so if they are, I want to make sure they are as outothisworld comy as she says. Thinking about getting K a pair after she has the baby. She is SO tires od wearing flats!

    And frankly, if you keep the skirt, I think they would look great wit them, too!

    • Kelli, I got the wedges at Payless shoes a couple years ago and they aren’t remotely comfy. But I wear them to church now and then– I can handle the pain for a couple hours 😉

  19. Dress or striped tank

  20. I would keep the shirt, the dress, and the skirt…sweater looked too small.

    The dress would also go well with a blazer of color. The skirt goes well with the top you picked but you could match the shoes (kitten heel or even flats) with the color of your scarf or bright colored jewelry with some bulk to it.

    I don’t do “fashion” but my kids sure do and just did my wardrobe since I had to get new clothes from losing so much weight.

    • I routinely ask my teen girls for their fashion opinion. They like the skirt the best, and the navy dress. 🙂

  21. The striped top looks very natural on you – I’d say definitely keep that one. The houndstooth skirt also is very flattering, and with the right sort of top (I have no idea what to pair with houndstooth, maybe a solid color silk?) it would be a great outfit.

    The dress is iffy – you don’t look like you feel comfortable wearing it, and that will translate via bodylanguage to an awkwardness that others will pick up on. The dress is pretty on you though, so if you put on an air of confidence and boldly wear it, you would look just fine.

    The jacket *might* go with the houndstooth skirt – but you’d have to leave it completely unbuttoned – it is too tight across the bust. Maybe you could exchange it for the next size up to accommodate your assets? It would look great with jeans as well.

  22. I vote for the tank and the dress, but skip the tank if it is a $48 tank top! I think houndstooth is pretty hard to coordinate, so I would personally skip that one, but I seem to be in the minority on that opinion.

  23. how do you get invited to do this?

    • Click here Stitch Fix and you can sign up for the service. It is $20, and then you buy whatever of the items you like.

  24. So what did you keep? And what did you keep from your first package?

  25. I, too, wondered what you decided to keep this time. I haven’t seen you mention it anywhere. Please let us know.


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