Four healthy-eating bloggers I enjoy

Gorgeous veggies at a market in Chile

I was raised by a momma who routinely fed us things like raw milk, homemade bread and yogurt, liver and granola. And my dad gardened and had beehives in our back yard. Truthfully, I wasn’t always a fan of my parents’ healthy-eating practices as a kid– the liver just about finished me off, and I really loved Cap’n Crunch.  But in college I found nutrition class interesting enough that I wondered briefly about becoming a nutritionist myself.

John and I have always gardened, which automatically boosted our family nutrition, even during the years that I served lots and lots of pasta.  Lately I’ve been reading lots more about nutrition, am getting more healthy fats in our diet, and am gradually edging towards paleo-style eating.  A true paleo diet is basically plants and meat, with no grains.  I aim for lots of plants, eggs, and meat, with just a dab of rice, barley, or non-wheat bread here and there.  My family still does wheat, but I’m trying to make it a smaller portion of their diet.

Here are some of the healthy-eating bloggers I’ve found most helpful and most inspirational lately.

Healthy Home Economist —  Here’s a good article about the safety of raw milk.

The Spunky Coconut  –These banana coconut pancakes look lovely.

Wellness Mama — Here’s a recipe for carrot ginger soup I’m looking forward to trying.

Nourished and Nurtured— I also have it on my list to try this blueberry custard cake recipe.

What healthy-food bloggers do you enjoy?




  1. I have learned a ton from Kimi Harris of Nourishing Gourmet!

  2. I know this is totally off subject, but I wanted to let you know about this. My family and I were visiting Boise last month and my girls had been begging to try rock climbing. Where we live it is a minimum of $15/person! Knowing we were going to be in Boise a few days, I did a search there and found this. First Saturday of the month it’s $15 for 4 people! We got there right when it opened, stayed an hour, and were the only people there. Anyway, I just thought of you, knowing you’re somewhere near Boise – and maybe your kids (and you! – I loved it!) might want to try something like this.

  3. Thanks, Lee Ann! That’s a great bargain, and one I didn’t know about!

  4. OK, I realize this is kind of a big question for this format- but, I am so confused about wheat. Half the nutritious-eating people I know are huge fans of whole grain. And now this paleo stuff says try to avoid it. So confused!!! Why are you trying to have your fam eat it less? Just curious 🙂

  5. I just wanted to ask how you plan afford to eat paleo? I have four kids, a big garden, and buy meat from the farmer, but I cannot afford to feed our family strictly paleo. I eat paleo but supplement my husband and kids with rice and Dave’s Killer Bread (cheap at the outlet here in Portland). With your family size, I’d be particularly interested on how you will make this work!

    • We’re definitely not eating completely paleo– I’m just trying to tend more in that direction. But we eat eggs from our chickens, veggies from our garden, affordable store-veggies like carrots, onions, cabbage, affordable meat like chicken and ground beef, olive oil, coconut oil,and butter along with some raw milk.

  6. These are some of my favorite sites, too! We’ve been gf for years (I have celiac, and my husband and toddler are both gluten-intolerant) and we try to eat Paleo as well. It can definitely be hard on our budget though, especially living outside of DC, in a townhouse with very little garden space! Honestly, it’s been impossible for our grocery budget for three (which includes things like homemade laundry detergent and cleaning products) to be under $400 a month. It’s often higher, and that’s sticking to affordable meats. So, how long before you and Wellness Mama collaborate on a budget-Paleo cookbook?? 🙂

  7. is great, too. I love the ones you mentioned as well. GNOWFLGINS has great webinars and lots of good information.

  8. I pretty much dabble through websites that concentrate on whole foods (lots of legumes, veggies, etc.). In my case, our family gave up red meat but we eat chicken, turkey and fish. I used to be quite a chef at home and always baking whether for me or another family. However, because of my need to lower my bp I have followed the Eat To Live method of eating (it is more vegetarian style but I follow it loosely). My biggest problem is since we eat lots of veggies (salads etc.) we run out pretty quick and then I would have to run out to the store at the last minute. In our case, our family will definitely not go vegan. However, it is so important to learn to eat the right foods and teach them to our children. Thankfully my brood is very happy with the changes and have tried lots of new things. I am praying about starting a garden (yet again) however seems like we have our hands kind of full right now so I may hold off for a little. It is so good to know that there are a lot of bloggers out there whom have a lot of good healthy recipes……..will check them out 🙂

  9. My favorite food blogger is Mama J at She has a lot of very healthy, whole food recipes, but also throws in some decadent desserts once in a while.

  10. A little iover a year ago, I saw the movie,Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It really made me rethink my diet. THen I started praying about what a different food lifestyle could mean for my family of 6. Eventually I also watched Forks Over Knives, which gives the scientific data as to why increasing fruits and vegetables is so important and how they realte to decreased cancer and heart issues.Once my whole family started the “change” over to almost vegetarieanism, blood pressure went way down, cholesterol meds are no longer neceessary, seasonal allergies are almost nonexistent, asthma is no longer a concern, nor are diaper rashes. We had some major health issues tp begin with and now just about everythin gis healed. It’s amazing. I will say that I do not see a place in Scripture that says not to eat meat, but it is pretty obvious that meat was not a daily or even weekly occurence. It happened during high holy days. So, we eat animal products sparingly. THe difference has been amazing.

  11. ooooh, a topic I totally love!!
    I blog lots about healthy recipes, and find tons of inspiration on, they host Allergy Free WEdnesday that over 100 people often submit recipes too!! huge and healthy!!!
    also is a great site with a recipe blog hop on Tuesdays, also awesome!!!
    Both of these sites do a nice blend of pale recipes and Gf recipes, some vegan, so a good blend!!
    Best, and cheapest way to do paleo is in smoothies, add fruit, yogurt(or sour cream which is cheaper, full of protein and no sugars) coconut oil, spinach leaves, Pb or almonds, oats and flax meal or chia seeds. they are yummy, customizable, and filling, you can add in what ever things your kids like, or let them go crazy with their own ideas, the sour cream keeps it cheaper, and tastes like greek yogurt, adding in the whole oats makes it filling, and coconut oil goes down easier this way too:-)
    good nutrition, esp for our kids who so lacked it early in life, makes a huge difference, being GF or nearly so makes a huge difference too, setting them up with good eating habits for later in life will be a huge benefit to them too. good luck!!

  12. My husband is border line diabetic, so we have been trying to mostly eat Paleo way. The church dinners and dinner out are our downfall.

  13. I have been following for a while. It’s all about eating clean – no processed food. I have also read a bit at lately. Very interesting post recently on Stevia.

  14. There is a very interesting Ted talk about the Paleo diet by a woman who studies paleo people. I highly recomend that anyone considering a Paleo diet watch it.