1. Mary,
    I’ve often read but only commented once:) Thanks so much for the song. We had a long, sleepless night last night with one of our kids. My mind always replays the “woulda, coulda shouldas” in the wee hours and I often find myself looking for the path marked “despair”. Right before I fell asleep, God reminded me of all the good change he has brought since last year and this song, this morning, was a beautiful reminder of what is really true, and a great day to start my day:)
    Hope your day is hope-filled as well<

    • Gena, I so understand your feelings and am also very familiar with that path marked ‘despair’. Lately it’s helped to remind myself that my peace of mind can’t be hinged on what I think ‘results’ should look like. My job only is to be faithful. The outcome belongs to God.
      Thanks for reading so faithfully, and for writing to me today!