What I didn’t see on twitter that day

On Friday my twitter feed was alive with links to the atrocities of a man who makes his living by injuring the powerless to murder the even more helpless.  I gave message after message a push forward in cyberland, wanting more eyes to see his actions with clarity, to really see, to understand the horror of abortion.  To just make it stop.

mom and baby in the Dominican RepublicAnd yet in the middle of it all, there were other messages I wanted to send forward too, messages I didn’t see on twitter that day. Messages about the misery of those women, the feelings they must have had to walk into that building, the powerlessness and hopelessness and aloneness that led them there.  How lives can spin so sad and out of control that this could truly feel like the only choice. How they needed real men instead of the ones who led them here.

And I thought how my sent-forward messages might send women I care about backward, women whose pasts I don’t know.  Back to a time of misery and shame.  And I don’t think we as Christians can defend the unborn without also looking with compassion upon their mothers.  We need to be willing to reach out and support and care no matter their circumstances.  Yes, especially when lives don’t line up Sunday-school pretty.

The Jesus I know understood real compassion, sacrifice that redeems even the most unworthy.  ( I joyfully count myself among that number: unworthy, joyfully redeemed.)

I think of the Samaritan woman with five husbands, and the way my Jesus sat down beside her, like no synagogue-Pharisee would have dared- or cared– to do, and spoke gentle clear life-changing truth into her heart.

The way my Jesus cradled noisy inconvenient children in his arms, when his disciples wanted to send them away unseen.

The way my Jesus spoke to a penitent thief on the cross moments before death and invited him into the very gates of heaven.

Jesus loves us all with an everlasting love.  In our zeal to love and protect the precious unborn, we must be equally willing to love and support their mothers.


  1. Thank you Mary. We miss so much when we follow zeal alone, and forget to follow Jesus. Jesus didn’t fight with hate, because love is stronger.

  2. Oh, you said this so beautifully!

  3. Thank you for speaking these words.

  4. Gloriana Beausoleil says:

    I hear you, sister Mary. Thank you for standing on the side of Love.

  5. Amen! Very well said….

  6. Having been there I can tell you it is the most isolated I had ever and have ever felt! The sorrow and the shame but I tell you that God uses all things for His good works because without that low and that child I would not be who I am in Christ! While I never want anyone to suffer as I have I also believe that people have to come to God in a way that brings them to that bottom and they have no where else to look but up at a loving father who forgives them with perfect love and perfect peace!

  7. Yes. Exactly.

  8. Well said, Mary. Thank you.

  9. Mary,
    Well said Mary. I’ve always found it disquieting that some who oppose abortion also denigrate the very mothers-to-be of those children. And even the absent fathers for some unwanted chilren succeed in coming into the world but the world gives them nothing and in this rejection they reject everything even onto their own children. God does not pigeon hole his people into neat little categories. EVERY human being is a tremendously complex being like no other. We need to solve the abortion problem not by force of law but by gentle love and caring for those in need. Every rejection of a human’s worth in this situation plants the seeds of similar acts of future destruction.

  10. Yes, yes, yes! The sermon this morning at my church was about why the most non-Christians know more about what Christians are against, rather than knowing about what (or Who) we’re for. I pray we can follow the example of Christ more truly, and see the wounds and hurts behind the behaviors . . .

  11. Thanks for much for saying this. If more pro-life advocates took this tack, I think the cause would have more success. I feel so torn, so full of grief for both mother and child.