Last week at the beach I found myself watching our 10 year old daughter with extra intensity. She’s heading quickly toward the teen years, and now and then shows flashes of moodiness to remind me it’s coming. But watch her on the beach and she’s purely a child.


Digging sand pits with her sister.

Running joyously in the waves with the dog.

Beach (103)

Running in tight circles on the beach with her little sister toodling happily after her, neither child remotely concerned about looking silly, or trying to act grownup, or wishing they were hanging out with their friends.


And so I snap-snap-snapped.  Preparing for her growing-up, stepping-away years. Knowing she is going to be a delightful adult too.  But oh, I’m holding onto these precious childhood days.  Grateful.  Savoring. Right now, she’s my little girl twirling, all aglow with joy in the sun.

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  1. Oh Mary,
    What beautiful pictures you captured! You voiced my heart about our ten year old daughter too.
    The time has flown by thus far, and I’m sure it won’t slow down any time soon.
    The song, “We Have This Moment Today”, comes to mind.
    Enjoy every moment!