A peek into my week

This week we’re helping my daughter Erika and her hubby move into a new house.  Such fun to see sweet one-year-old Ranger toddling around his new digs, peeking out every window.  With a second baby on the way, their little family has well and truly outgrown their tiny newlywed one-bedroom apartment, and we’re thrilled they have room to stretch out.

There’s more moving tomorrow, so I only have a few minutes for a post.  Do you like to peek into other people’s grocery carts in the checkout line at the grocery store, trying to guess a bit about their lives?  I do.  Along those lines, I thought it might be fun to share what’s in my amazon cart right now.  I love the convenience of shopping on amazon, and almost always have a thing or two I’m thinking about buying. These lids screw onto canning jars and are high on my list this month. They’d be perfect for homemade salad dressing. I’ve found that parmesan cheese lids work for Italian dressing but are downright sloppy with ranch dressing.

In April our teens will be doing dissection in biology, so I’ve got my eye on this frog dissection kit. I’m trying to decide if I should spring for extra frogs so each kid could do his own or let the kids dissect in pairs. I suspect they’d learn the most if they each did their own. But I’m not sure if the more squeamish of our teens would welcome that challenge.


Our old juicer went toes up a few weeks ago. This Hamilton Beach juicer has good reviews and is the price is right. Still thinking though.  Anybody own it who can vouch for its longevity?  Things age in dog-years at our house, and I really need something sturdy.

This game is on its way to our house within the next few days. It looks like a fun one to bring on vacation or to take on a camping trip this summer. I love games that lots of people can play together!


  1. hmm…is it just me or are some of the links missing? Would love to see the lids and the game!

  2. Jennie C. says:

    I have one of these sticker books in my cart. I have gotten several variations at Aldi and really love them. They are great for gifts, car rides, waiting rooms, etc. There are lots of pages and stickers.


    I also love the Amazon wish lists. It is perfect when I see things our kiddos would be interested in and family asks for gift ideas.

    Thanks for a peek in your cart! : )

  3. I love love love my Breville. It is also the top recommended juicer from Cook’s Illustrated. I believe it’s also their best buy. You can get one at Macy’s on sale quarterly or on Amazon, runs about 150 otherwise. Easy to clean and easy to use. I put whole apples, celery bunces, etc into mine without cutting. Works beautifully. I also put a plastic grocery bag into my pulp container so I don’t have to wash it. What do you do with your pulp? I’ve made broth from it but have seen recipes for crackers and veggie meatballs.

    • Once I put some pulp in banana bread, but usually we feed it to the chickens or the cow. Hadn’t heard you could add it into the fixings for broth!

  4. I am so excited about the mason jar cap that you mentioned. I had not seen these before and they will be perfect for my homemade coffee creamer and pancake syrup! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Mary, if you have an iPad, there are some great dissection apps out there!

  6. We love our Champion juicer. We have had it for over a year and it is fantastic. My friend had hers for 20 years. I think it has a 10 year warranty on it. It makes great juice…and peanut butter…and I have a mill that I attatch on it too. Though it’s a bit pricey, it is sturdy and has a great reputation for long term use.

    • My parents have had their Champion for at least 30 years and it still runs like, erm, a Champ. Dad calls it “the pig” because of the shape. LOL.

  7. You should ask your kids about the dissection, if they think they want to. Pairing does work well if anyone things its gross. I did that when I taught and never made anyone cut, I just told them they needed to find a partner who would be willing to do the cutting and had to be able to identify the different parts. By having a partner they could talk about it, point things out to each other & quiz each other, and usually by the end of the dissection, the one who didn’t want touch was taking part–just having to not HAVE to cut eliminated most of the issues. (And I feel very odd that I’m the only one not commenting on the food items. Perils of being a former science teacher! 🙂

  8. What a woman you are!! such a diverse group of amazon items- dissection kits NEVER reach my radar when I am on amazon LOL