DIY Coat Rack

I’m excited to show you a really fun project that I did last week.  We have a short wall that divides our front entry from our living room.  For years I just hung a few pictures there and called it good.  I’ve also wished for awhile that I had an easy solution for guest’s coats, since our coat closet is always packed, with rarely a spare hanger in sight.  When I saw this great entry revamp on Young House Love I decided it would be a perfect way to add interest to our entry AND provide an easy place for guests to put their coats.

Here you can see the beginning stages of the project–that’s as close as I got to a ‘before’ picture– and the end result.  I’d call that an improvement!

I spent a good hour or two at Lowe’s looking for interesting trim wood that didn’t cost a million bucks. Since I was hoping to complete this job without John needing to help me, I had the guys at Lowe’s cut the vertical boards for me to a 48 inch length. The vertical boards have pattern of straight narrow lines.

The board that I chose for the top edge has a curved profile similar to what you’ll see on lots of baseboards, but it was a wider version.  I really liked the square corner medallions that I found.  I think they add some nice interest, and were only about $3 each.  The coat hooks were $4 each.  The project also took half a quart or so of white paint.  Altogether the project cost around $60– more than I expected it would.  Those little dibs and dabs of wood add up quickly!


For awhile I was despairing of the project coming together at all.  The trim boards I bought were MDF, which is basically wood chips glued together into shapes, so it showed every hammer ‘miss’.   It took a few nail holes to find the studs so that I could attach the vertical boards in a sturdy way.  I had several nails that bent over sideways as I was nailing, which meant I had to pull out the nails and try again. More dings. If I did it again, I’d use real wood, not MDF, for more sturdiness.  But once I puttied and painted it all white, including the wall between the new trim pieces,  it came together nicely.  I especially like the two little coat hooks set down low for my littlest visitors!

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  1. This looks great and especially fantastic when you see the before and after pictures.
    Might I suggest looking for a new lightswitch cover to add to the whole look. Maybe for yours, one with roses or flowers of some sort to tie in with the window.
    And yes, they do make fantastic looking lightswitch covers for three switches! Found one on ebay for our living room cover that is a blue willow design to match the dishes in the china cabinets in the connecting dining room. Most guests comment on this brilliant looking cover.

  2. Very cool! 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about putting up some sort of coat hooks in our dining room/entry way and definitely might try something like this. 🙂

  3. WOW! Isn’t it amazing though how much a project can cost? This will make a world of difference when having company, and it is so warm and welcoming! Definitely worth it. I love that you keep it real with all the trial and errors…often I read DIY projects and feel overwhelmed with how easily one seems to do such wonders in their homes. I love your blog and you! 🙂


  4. I always figure $75 per wall even for a half wall and then pat myself on the back when I come in under that. I check yard sales and thrift shops for things like this also. Those knobs and such can really add up.

    This looks great, just like a professional did it. Just a tip, next time put a piece of spare wood under your hammer when you pull nails out. It will dent the wood instead of your wood work.

  5. Love it! Nicely done! I like the “little people” hooks down low. We have them too. My Miss Three takes great pride in hanging up her own coat. 🙂

  6. It looks lovely. Quite warm, welcoming, and utilitarian while still attractive. and yes, those little pieces always add up amazingly quickly. As the corner piece was the first thing my eye saw after the hooks themselves, I think it was worth it.

  7. Wow! That looks great! Looking forward to seeing it in person.

  8. Oh, that turned out so well! I saw this on Young House Love too and thought it looked so doable.


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