At our house today

Next week we have a daughter starting driver’s ed, which will involve weeks of early-early waking– so painful for my night-owl self– and lots more driving than usual. I’m so thankful that there are also days like today, where no one needed to be anywhere til late in the day, where school happened curled on the couch by the fire, with soup simmering on the stove, and afternoon lots of time for quiet reading.

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  1. My years of driver’s ed were by far the busiest of my life raising young children. Luckily, more and more kids are opting out of driver’s ed and waiting until they are 18 or older to get licenses. Have a few kids who even after 20 have chosen not to get their license and have no regrets and no use for one. They DO know how to drive in an emergency just not spending hard earned money on vehicle–they walk everywhere or use public transport when in a big city.