Eight easy Valentine ideas

Does your child need to make Valentines for a passel of friends sometime in the next few weeks? Here are some ideas I’ve rounded up that look easy and creative. Click on the picture to go to the blog from which each idea came. Then add the needed items to your grocery list this week, assign your kiddos some crafting next week, and avoid the last-minute rush when Valentine’s Day actually arrives!

1. Bling Rings (from Mom On Time Out)


2.  Swedish Fish Bowls (from Everything In Focus)


3. Bananas for You (from Fiskars website)

Source: fiskars.com via Mary on Pinterest


4. Hershey Names (from Sweet Blessings)


5. Cookie Valentines (from Eighteen25)


6. Lollipop Friends


7. Luke Skywalker Light Sabers (from All Free Kids Crafts)




8. Candy Bar Cards (from Better Homes and Gardens)

Source: bhg.com via Mary on Pinterest

Do you have any fun and affordable Valentine ideas for your kids? Please share in comments.

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  1. Kids make a card for each of their siblings and close relatives and in addition to ‘I LOVE YOU’ they write one thing they especially like about person, how that person has helped them, anything nice about just that one person. These are not fancy but made with construction paper, cut-out hearts, and scrapbooking supplies putting in red envelopes (can buy these three for a penny because they cannot go through the mail) We have also done this in the last couple of years for neighbors.
    For school, I prefer the kids just buy the standard valentine card and give one to each kid in the classroom; no exceptions; everyone gets one. No candy though and hard to find a healthy wrapped snack small enough for this purpose–so card for everyone is all.
    Agree with you this is a project best done now so creative juices have time to really get to work and kids and parents are not rushed. This can be lots of fun.

  2. Oh my word … these are too cute! My girls will have a blast making some of these!

  3. Wow! So creative!! Love these ideas!

  4. Love the photo-hand-holding-sucker Valentine, and it looks easy to do! Thanks for sharing the idea! If we don’t do that one, we will do the sucker-as-butterfly-body/head, with home-made wings.