Sewing this week: more pot holders

I’ve been having a lovely time sewing pot-holders this week! Here are some of the colors I’ve made. Can you think of folks who’d like something along these lines as a Christmas gift? If so, check out the ones I put on my Etsy shop. They’re not too hard to make, but I know not everyone is comfortable with a sewing machine or inclined to take time to sew.

One more little note for friends with adopted kids or kids with challenging behavior issues¬† (and really, who doesn’t now and then??) my friend Lisa Qualls at One Thankful Mom is doing a Karyn Purvis giveaway this weekend. You may remember that I heard Karyn Purvis speak a few years ago (links below) and found her information tremendously helpful. So go check out the giveaway!

Karyn Purvis:  Helping Children Attach

Karyn Purvis: Real Hope and Help for Healing

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