Giveaway: Bee Raw Honey

Today I’ve got a fun giveaway for you!  It’s a gift set of Bee Raw Honey in three different flavors. Bee Raw Honey gets their honeys from family-owned apiaries across the country, and each variety is derived from a single floral source. Colorado Star Thistle, Wild Black Sage and Maine Wild Raspberry were the flavors we were sent to try.

We aren’t honey experts around here, and to be honest, the price point of this lovely stuff wouldn’t fit into our budget too often.  But we really loved all three varieties, as I’m sure you will if you win your own stash. If you’re feeling generous, you could even tuck a jar in a basket with some muffins as a sweet gift to a friend this Christmas. Or you could choose to eat it all yourself, like we did.  I’m not judging. 🙂

So, the giveaway.  You can enter three ways:

1. Go to Facebook and ‘like’ the Owlhaven fan page, then come comment here to tell me you did so.

2. Go ‘like’ Bee Raw Honey on Facebook, then come back here and tell me you did.   (You might also tell them thanks for supplying this giveaway.  It’s because of vendors like them that I have fun goodies to offer here.)

3.  Finally –here’s an option for folks not on Facebook — tell me about a favorite item you give to teachers, neighbors, and other folks who you want to bless in a small but thoughtful way at Christmas time.

And yes, it’s perfectly OK to enter all three ways– just be sure to leave three comments so that you’ll get credit for all three entries.  I’ll choose a winner of this giveaway early next week.


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  1. I already DO like you on FB!

  2. Also, I liked the Bee Raw Honey folks. Hoping I win a little somethin’!

  3. I liked owlhaven on Facebook…how I didn’t know it was there amazes me, lol 🙂

  4. Allison Reynolds says:

    I liked Bee Raw Honey on Facebook. Thanks:)

  5. Allison Reynolds says:

    My favorite gift is something we have made in our own kitchen! And for teachers…always a fit card. My best friend is a teacher and she likes those best. Since their salaries are so low, it helps a lot for the little extras!

  6. Allison Reynolds says:

    I tried to correct that…I meant gift card.

  7. I like to make and give chocolate bark.

  8. We love to gift with homemade goodies. I’m planning on making and canning chocolate raspberry sauce. My five year old wants to make Chex mix for his teachers.

  9. I liked Owlhaven on Facebook!

  10. I like to give people inexpensive coffee mugs with hot chocolate mix and a small container of Puppy Chow (the candy).

  11. I liked Owlhaven on Facebook!

  12. I also liked Bee Raw Honey on Facebook!

  13. We always give away zucchini bread and Christmas cookies all through December. It’s always been fun, but now that our two year old can participate it will be a blast!

  14. Beth Gallagher says:

    Well, what a fantastic giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win! 😀 I like you on FB.

  15. Beth Gallagher says:

    And, of course, I liked the honey page on FB and thanked them for their generosity!

  16. Beth Gallagher says:

    And, my favorite gift for teachers etc. is a large basket of Christmas cookies. My mother, sister, myself and my daughters get together before Christmas. We each bring 6 kinds of cookies and then make 2 or 3 more kinds, decorate them, and build baskets and plates to give. It’s a wonderful holiday actiivity and a great time for all generations to get together and do something creative!! Thanks again for the chance to win such a sweet prize. 😉

  17. I do like Owlhaven on facebook. 🙂

  18. And for Christmas gifts, I do caramel cinnamon rolls (an 8×8 pan of them) but normally some distance from Christmas so that they don’t get lost in all the other goodies. I aim for extra early, but, yeah, they usually end up being extra late.

  19. And now I like Bee Raw on fb, too.

  20. I often give homemade apple butter or jam.

  21. Homemade cookie mix in a mason jar.

  22. I have liked you on facebook!

  23. This year I am going to try and give cookies. Maybe ginger snaps.

  24. I “liked” your Owlhaven fan page. 😉

  25. I “liked” the Bee Raw Honey fan page.

  26. I usually give treats, since my son’s daycare trades out teachers and in a given week he might have 5 or 6. Toffee or chocolate bark in cute containers is my favorite since they’re easy but impressive.

  27. I “liked” Bee Raw Honey on facebook.

  28. We always give our neighbors big chocolate covered pretzels with pretty sprinkles. OOOPS! I had a little computer glitch and my first comment that I “liked” Bee Raw Honey didn’t show up so I did it again. Now, they are both on there. Sorry. I didn’t mean to do it twice. 😉

  29. i have liked you on FB for a while!

  30. I liked Bee raw, and thanked them too!

  31. I like Owlhaven on FB.

  32. I like to give treats–candied orange peel is a favorite.

  33. I often make up small baby food jars of sugar hand scrubs, easy to make with simple baking supplies, oil, and scented essential oils. With a bit of fabric or paper glued to the top and a ribbon it is perfect, tuck a few different ones into a bag with garden gloves for the gardner in your life is a nice thought too.
    thanks for the giveaway Mary!

  34. Kendra Steinke says:

    I liked you on FB.

  35. I already like you on facebook!

  36. I liked you on facebook.

  37. I liked Bee Raw Honey on facebook.

  38. I like to give the teacher’s and neighbors a nice box of See’s Chocolates.

  39. I often give my children’s Sunday School teachers a small candle for Christmas–useful yet useable. 🙂

  40. I’m an Owlhaven fan on Facebook.

  41. homemade bread or cookies

  42. I’m doing homemade vanilla this year!

  43. I liked your page on facebook-didn’t realize you were there!

  44. I liked Raw Bee Honey on Facebook.

  45. I like to give some special baked breads to our neighbors who are elderly and don’t have the ability to bake anymore.

  46. To bless neighbors, it’s hard to beat a plate of goodies. 🙂

  47. I like Owlhaven on Facebook!

  48. I like Bee Raw Honey on Facebook.

  49. For a certain group of friends with whom I exchange gifts, I make “Party Pecans”.These are yummy cinnamon sugar coated pecans.

  50. We love to bake a small plate of goodies for our neighbours and the kids run them over to each house. Its really fun!