The Story of Us

Last year’s family picture was an exercise in shivering.  We took it at a local park, and with all the time it took to get everyone gathered, then get the shot set up, we were all pretty darned cold by the time the photo got done.

This year when it came time to do our annual family picture, we had two rather simple criteria:  that we take the pictures before it got too cold for the babies to be outdoors, and (hopefully) that neither of the babies would be crying. We decided for the sake of the babies that the easiest place to do the pictures was probably our house.  That way they could stay indoors warm and cozy while we got set up.

After scanning our whole wild wooly 3 acre lot, we decided to drag some logs down to the cow pasture in front of a willow tree that hadn’t lost its leaves yet.  The boys literally had to shovel for cow pies beforehand, to decrease the chances of stepping in something bad when posing. But the end result, I think, is a lot of fun.  It’s especially fun to have our sweet babies in the shot this year!

Photocredit:  Israel Shirk of Avalanche Photography.

Israel also got a few fun pictures of John and me.  This is one of my favorites.

And just for fun, here are links to previous family photos that I’ve blogged over the years:
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  1. I think you two age backwards – very Benjamin Button! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  2. LOVE the family pictures!! They are always a chore to take, but so precious to have and look at as the years go by.

  3. terrific pictures – you two are such a handsome couple! couldn’t possibly be the parents of all those grown and growing up so fast people – I am grateful for your example of a loving family.

  4. You know some days, when you don’t feel confident about what you are doing and you kindly let us know about it, well, I suggest you go back to these pictures.

    Maybe everything you do is not perfect, but just by looking at (the feel of) those pictures, you are doing darn good!

  5. What fabulous pictures!

  6. Awesome! So much fun…especially the ‘crazy’ picture!

  7. Lovely photos. It’s amazing to see the changes in the kids every year, especially the teens. The photo of you and John is precious. That Idahoan air is apparently fantastic for keeping adults looking youthful!

    The name of the first one cracked me up, though. “Sedate”. Ok, not the first word I would have thought of but it is accurate. “Best”. Well, yes, you want to share the best. “12”. Um, what?

  8. Love that silly shot!!! They are all great. Your group sure is growing up fast.

  9. Such GREAT photos!!

  10. Mary, these are amazing! I wish Israel was in California!!

  11. Mary! I had to zoom in and enlarge…your husband looks about 25! I can’t believe your grandparents let alone grown kids!


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