31: Fabric-covered baskets


Awhile ago I snagged 7 of these strange looking baskets at the thrift store for 69 cents each, thinking that surely they’d be useful for something.  Since the wire is so widely spaced, they need some kind of a fabric insert to make them actually hold anything. I’d seen tutorials here and there for covering a storage bin, so finally this week I got out my stash of fabric, and started to experiment with my bins.


I have a snap press (like this one ) for diaper-making that I LOVE, and have become rather fond of making all sorts of things using snaps.  I decided to make rectangular bags that fit inside each metal basket, and opted to use snaps to fasten them to the framework.  I ended up being pleased with how these first two turned out.  Each one took me half an hour or so to make.

I am already scheming about using them to create a gift wrapping station something like this. I’m sure mine won’t be quite as organized as that one, but isn’t that a fun use for the inside of a closet door? I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. How clever! Pretty sure those are small stands for disposable foil trays. The notch in the bottom wires where they cross is for holding those little cans of fuel to keep food warm. I have some similar leftover racks from a recent wedding… now I know what to do with it!

  2. So creative! Love the fabric!


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