31: What I’ve loved about this month

I find that I’m feeling a little disappointed that this month is coming to an end so quickly. I have a mountain of projects I’d still like to do. One is this soft green scarf that I’ve been working on for the past few days.  I’m using a very thick yarn, so that helps it go quickly. I’ve been knitting while the kids read to me and while I watch TV late at night, and think I should have it done by the end of the week.

I’ve enjoyed this month enough that I definitely want to continue finding time for crafts most days — LOVE that.  I’ve also been doing pretty well getting game or craft time in with the younger girls– not quite every day, but more often than in the past, so that’s good.  I also definitely am going to continue limiting my Facebook time.  A few minutes a few times a day really is enough.  Go here to see what other folks have been doing to Focus and Refresh this month.


  1. Like with most things, if not planned–will not get done. At the beginning of the week my kids write everything they want to do down and then fit it into the days of the week (written in planner). As they do that item they cross it off. We then sit down the following week and do the same thing. They have items in their planners such as: spend half hour visiting with neighbors, write grandma a letter, make at least ten thank you cards, in depth clean room, etc.; everything gets put in the planners, and that includes mine.
    Your plan of not going on Facebook is probably going to give you the most time in your day, week, month, and year. Try experiment we did last year of no computer or television, electronic gadgets for two weeks—boy did we have fun. And for a family that hardly uses those items–amazing the time they take and the time you think about them when not using them.
    Use the computer at the library and go once a week (computer time limited to 30 minutes per librarian’s rules) and watch one hour of television a night. And, before you ask ‘yes’ you can homeschool without a computer—Christian Liberty. We have time for quilting, cross stitching, sewing, baking, building toybox for Christmas, painting and decorating rooms, and playing outside and games, etc.

  2. It is good I do not have children – I have an unfortunate genetic problem – the lackacrafty deficiency. No treatment available but as I age – I find I am able to applaud those with no such deformity to their DNA. Like the scarf, have loved seeing the various crafts and adorable models. You AMAZE me continually – and I dropped FB entirely a couple of years ago – I know my limitations and FB can suck up SO much time.