How to make fairy wings in 20 minutes flat

I’ve never made fairy wings before, so I was thrilled to discover that making two sets took me a mere 30 minutes, cost me the price of some cellophane and packing tape, and utterly delighted my girls.  That’s what I call a win!

Here’s what you’ll need for each set of wings:

  • 2 wire hangers
  • 1 piece of iridescent cellophane  (about 18″x24″)
  • clear packing tape

I left my wire hangers exactly the shape that they came, except for twining the hook portions of the two hangers together and then stabilizing it with a few wraps of packing tape so that they felt sturdy and like one unit.  You can see what I did in the photo below.

Lay the bent-together hangers, centered, on a rectangle of cellophane.

Fold left and right edges of cellophane over the outer wing edges.  The two sides of the cellophane won’t quite meet in the middle.  Use a piece of clear packing tape to secure the two sides of the folded-over cellophane to the center of the wing frame.

Tuck in the bits of cellophane that don’t meet in the middle so that they wrap around the wing ends as I’m doing below.

Then cut a slit in the center of the bottom layer of cellophane from the bottom edge up to the center of the framework.

When you get close to the center, snip a diagonal bit to the right and to the left. At this point your cut will be Y-shaped, which will create a little v-shaped tab in the middle close to the center of the wing frame.
Fold the flaps you just created outward so that they wrap around the wings.  Secure with tape.

Repeat this process at the top end of the wings, first cutting a slit, then wrapping the cellophane outward around the wings, and finally taping the little v-shaped tabs across the center of the wing frame.

Tie the wings onto your little girl’s shoulders with two ribbons and wait for the smiles!

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  1. They are breath-takingly beautiful! And what a loving and clever mother they have!

  2. adorable! The wings aren’t too bad, either. 🙂 Inexpensive, easy to make, and excellent final result is one powerful combination.

  3. What a clever idea, could also be used to make angel wings at Christmas, must remember this

  4. Thanks! Friday morning a friend dropped off a present for one of my kids. It was wrapped in shiny blue cellophane. I found out that afternoon that Saturday was trick-or-treat night in our town. So, I had 24 hrs to scrounge up 4 costumes. And a budget of $0 (it was one of those weeks last week!) So these wings were my 3 year old’s costume. Thanks!