31: Everyday (not so) ordinary

My little girl is loving this uber-soft, super-comfy twirly dress from today’s sponsor Teres Kids. If you’ve got a kid who’s sensitive about tags and scratchy bits in clothing, check this clothing line out– I’d love to own something as soft and cozy as this little dress.

Here’s where I camped part of the morning– simultaneously helping the 17 year old finish an essay and coaxing the second grader through beginning multiplication.

One of my goals for this school year is to have all four of our high school kids write an essay every single month. Here are the September essays, finally done!  (And mom’s hooray is as heartfelt-happy as the kids’!)

The UPS man brought treasure today– a new guitar for our 14 year old son Josh who worked hard at a job all summer to earn it. Here you’re looking at one happy kid. On a totally unrelated note, this son of mine decided a few months ago that he wanted a buzz cut every week, which is at least 8x as often as I ever cut hair around this house.  And so he learned how to cut it himself.  Every once in awhile I help him with the back of his neck, but I am pretty darned impressed with how well he does on his own. With a can-do attitude like that, I can’t help but think this kid is going to go far in life.

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  1. Such a happy post! Love the guitar and the soft dress! and I lovelovelove the feeling of finished printed essays in my hand! Tell them all good job for me!

  2. Oh, that dress *does* look soft and comfy! And your boy is so big I wouldn’t have recognized him!

  3. Daughter #2 wants to know where he found his guitar. It is so cool! Hooray for not-so-ordinary-days.

    • He got it at Guitar Center on Fairview and Curtis right across from Grocery Outlet. It is an electric guitar that supposedly has a bit more mellow and bluesy sound than some electrics. They have TONS of guitars and also have a website.

  4. LOVE the guitar! It’s beautiful! I totally approve. 🙂