31: Donut-making day

Here’s the recipe we used. Go here to see what my girls (and other ladies) are doing to focus and refresh this month.


  1. The donuts look yummy! I’m curious – you must have baked them instead of frying. What all did you change from the original recipe? Rising time? How hot was the oven and for how long did you bake them?

    • We fried them– they didn’t get as bumpy as old-fashioned donuts usually are, and they were somewhat more fragile also. The recipe called for rest time in the fridge before forming the dough, but no rising time. They rose while they were being fried.

      • Ahh…gotcha. Perhaps I’ll let myself make them sometime. As a 31-year-old who lives alone, making donuts is a dangerous task since I’m the only one around to eat them. 🙂

  2. Oh that looks so good! And I love your photos!


  3. Those pictures inspired me to try frying donuts for the first time! The kids were very pleased 😉
    I was so surprised at how easy it was! We’ll definitely be doing this again.


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