31: Front porch refresh

So. Doing only 30 minutes of facebook/day for the last two days felt easy. Except– problem–  I was mostly just wandering over to Pinterest instead. I’ve decided for the rest of the month I’ll allow myself 30 minutes a day on Pinterest and Facebook combined.  I’ve also decided to do Facebook/Pinterest ONLY after doing my serious writing. Both days I put that off til last, and it needs to be higher on my list.  Also– the playing–I am SO bad at that.  Must put play with kids higher on my list too.  I’m such a do-er that just-for-fun stuff doesn’t happen enough.  (Except – in what universe is Pinterest actually ‘doing’, I ask?)

So today I’m planning on doing a bead craft with my youngest daughters. I’m also thinking about doing some ‘cute’ mending. I’ll write more about that tomorrow. But for now I’ll show you my project from yesterday. For quite awhile I’ve been sick of the way the front porch usually looks. Ratty rug, dirty cat food bowls, cobwebs, and always, always a bike or two leaning on the steps.  The spiffy new paint on the front door really deserves better.

Yesterday I decided to spend half an hour making the first look at our house a little nicer. First on the agenda was a good sweeping.  The pet food was moved to a less visible spot around the corner.  Then I pulled together a nice big bundle of the cornstalks that my handsome son had picked for me from the dying garden.  He also collected pumpkins for me to add to the arrangement. 

The final touch was the rug that Eldest had coaxed me to buy the other day.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one who’d noticed that our other one was getting a bit threadbare. As you can see, an hour’s work, some garden goodies, and an $11 rug from Costco made a big difference on our front porch.

This project was part of our Focus and Refresh series.  Click on over to see what my girls are doing.  And by all means join us.  You don’t have to blog every day to join up.  Just set a goal or blog a project and share it using the linky on Erika’s page.  Then we can all come over and see what you’re up to.  You can also see a list of our projects here on Pinterest. Join us?


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  1. Are those the mats that were on sale at Costco? They never put the final prices on the coupons, so I wasn’t sure if it was worth heading over there.

  2. It looks wonderful! You’ve inspired me twice this week 🙂 That little skirt from Monday is so cute – just perfect for granddaughters. Thanks!

  3. Love it!!

  4. Looks nice. Love that it is not overly cluttered, just right.
    Can’t put outside but my girls are making ‘velvet pumpkins’ for Christmas decorations this year. Decided during the summer that they wanted to make them for Christmas and not the fall so will be very interesting to see what visitors think of them for Christmas decorations in red, gold, and green colors.