Fit some fun in your life

My daughters Erika, Amanda and I (inspired by the Nesting Place) have been cooking up a scheme for October, and we’re hoping you’re interested in joining us.  Each of us has some projects we’d like to do, and some ways we’d like to be better focused in our lives, and so during October, we thought we’d work on some of those things and blog about what we’re doing.

Here are my 31-minute goals for October:

  • CRAFT MORE -Spend 31 minutes/day organizing OR crafting. (I’ve got lots of Christmas craft ideas– so much fun!)  Too often I don’t start projects because I know I don’t have time to finish that day.  But I’m betting that committing 31 minutes a day will help me make some headway. I’ll post my progress at least a couple times a week.
  • WRITE MORE– Spend 31 minutes/day writing something non-bloggy. Remember that e-book I promised you last spring winter? Yeah, I almost forgot it too. Then there’s the adoption book I’m writing.  I’ll set the timer for 31 minutes and see how far I get.  Repeat the next day.  And the next.
  • PLAY MORE–Spend 31 minutes/day playing games with or reading stories to my kids. Lately I’ve been bad at playing.  We do usually play cards a couple times a week, and my hubby always reads to kids at bedtime.  But I’ve gotten out of the daily story-reading habit lately and I want it back.
  • SURF LESS –Spend NO MORE THAN 31 minutes/day on Facebook.  Erika’s going much more hardcore, but my plan will be hard enough for me.  I will easily find an extra 93 minutes a day to do the first 3 activities on this list by cutting back on Facebook.  (Yikes– the truth hurts.)
  • FOCUS DAILY ON TRUTH — I’m going to choose a new Bible verse each day and write it down on the whiteboard in our kitchen as our thought for the day.

SO– that’s my October plan, and I’m thrilled that Erika and Amanda are in on it with me.  Erika will be hosting a link-up on her blog on Monday, for anyone who’s interesting in joining our FOCUS/ REFRESH challenge.  I hope that you’ll consider joining us.  Set whatever goals will be helpful in your own life.  Then each time you write a post about your progress, go over to Erika’s page and link up.  That way we can all keep up with each others’ progress.  Are you in?  What would you like to improve in your life? Think about it.


  1. Sounds like a great plan! Are you going to be sharing your craft projects online?

  2. Sounds like a great idea! Now to figure out my goals…

  3. Hi Mary!! Hey I’m all in..I’ve got to get refocused in Oct. as Sports will be starting and my life will become quite unmanagable if I don’t!! Hmmm does this mean I have to be more organized to remember to link up..I better ad that in my refocusing! LOL
    Blessings my friend!

  4. Awesome! I needed this idea for October — thank you — it can be a blah month when you’re not into Halloween.
    Also wanted to give you a heads up on a feature I just found on Google Reader that allows you to put a “Next” button on your toolbar. Clicking the button takes you to the actual blog of the next article in your reader. You can completely bypass the reader and just hit “next” when you have a minute and want a quick read. It’s a win-win for bloggers who want direct traffic and those trying to manage their online time. Go to settings > Reader settings > Goodies > Drag the button to your toolbar.

  5. Mary your idea is similar to one a teacher suggested in high school.
    Tmonth you are in or going into such as October:
    O is for observe (observe and help someone twice a week)
    C is for correspond (send a card or letter to relative or child)
    T is for truth (take child with this letter name to dinner)
    O is for Old Testament (read at least half)
    B is for beauty (find the beauty in nature, buildings, and people)
    E is for erase (try to erase one bad habit this month)
    R is for respect (respect the people you live and work with)
    These letters can stand for anything you want them to but make them important and a challenge to yourself. You make a different list for each month with the letters, writing them down and posting on the refrigerator.
    By doing this through the years (keeping old ones so I don’t repeat) I have found that I stretch myself in ways I probably wouldn’t have normally.

  6. LOVE this plan. Good intentions I want to follow!


  7. I love this idea. I’m so in. Thanks for the motivation! 🙂


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