Leafy girls

Something about being gone for a few days leaves me all lazy and noodly, disinclined to do anything but putter. Today I did give the kids a biology test. I also got my bags unpacked, made the bed, made dinner….and, hmmm, pretty sure that’s about it. Then this evening our 7 year old coaxed me to come out into the cool and see what she and the 10yo were doing. Definitely the highlight of a lazy day.



  1. Love these pictures! So joyful and precious! Great to meet you and chat with you this weekend! Enjoy being with your family!

  2. They are precious.

  3. your girls are just beautiful.

  4. Great Pictures! I cannot believe you have that many leaves to rake already here in Indiana they are just starting to change colors and none have fallen yet, at least not where we live.

  5. truly delightful! love that the dog has joined your daughters for the fun.

  6. Brought back memories of my kids and grandkids with our huge Maple tree that used to be in our backyard. One year we had over 80 bags of leaves to put around the house for the winter!
    Sadly a tornado took it down last year and boy do we miss the shade it provided, the delightful hours we spent jumping in the leaves, the added protection those leaf bags served in the winter, and finally the mulch all those leaves served in the garden. Oh and let’s not forget just looking at such a magnificent tree was a highlight of my day—we really miss it.

  7. They look so joyful! Did you join them? My husband and I still love playing in the leaves with our kids (16 and 12) even though we’re all “supposed to be” too old for that. So much fun.

  8. Fantastic, fun photos! Reminds me to get my grandkids over here…won’t tell them it’s supposed to be work.

  9. what unscripted FUN – and the snap of dog biting leaves – too good. You are blessed – but then you know that don’t you?

  10. Hi Mary!! All I can say is C.U.T.E. That is definately a great way to spend a lazy day!! Many blessings to you!!

  11. how adorable!

  12. Love their beautiful grins! Great pictures!!

  13. Fun! Makes me wish we had leaves where we live just so I could show my kids how to have fun in the fall. The pictures are great.