Running that race


Here are a few pictures from the fun run that some of my kids and I did on Saturday. I ran the two mile event with two daughters and one son, and our daughter’s husband ran the 5 mile race.  We had a good cheering section, and they had the additional entertainment of watching our grandbaby while both his parents ran.  It was a lot of fun.







My plan for the race was to run 5 min/ walk 1 minute, and I was hoping I could keep up with my 10 year old (who runs faster than me but tends to take frequent walk breaks.)

The starting gun went off and everyone took off FAST.  I knew not to try to keep up– people always start too fast at races.  But when I looked at my watch a minute later, I was still running an 8:30 mile pace which I knew I couldn’t keep up.  I slowed down into the 9+ minute mile range.  My daughter and her friend were in sight but quite a bit ahead. I tried not to let her get too far ahead, figuring when she stopped to walk, I’d keep running and catch up.

Sure enough, just past the half mile mark, she walked a bit, and I almost caught up to her.  But then she shot off again.  I’d been running in the 9:30/mile range for 3/4 of a mile by then and I was beat.  I took a 30 second walk, and then ran again, slowly creeping up on my daughter during her next walk break.

That’s pretty much how it went the whole race.  I’d almost catch up to my daughter, then she’d run off.  She never got out of sight. She walked probably 5 different times, which allowed me to gain ground. All the time that I was running, I was running at faster than a 10 minute mile pace, which is excellent for me.  But I literally never caught her the whole race.

Altogether the 2 miles took me 22:17, which included three short walks.  I was hoping to do it in under 22, so I didn’t miss my goal by much.  I did push myself some.  But the fact that  the next day I didn’t even have sore leg muscles makes me think I could have pushed JUST a little more.

But overall I was happy with the race.  It was a lot of fun running ‘with’ my kids.  And really, when I think I should be faster, I have to remind myself what a huge lifestyle change I’ve made just becoming a runner.  I mean–I’m the girl whose only “C” in high school came in PE, and who then spent the next, oh, 25 years or so avoiding all physical exertion.  Two years ago I weighed 20 pounds more than I do today. The fact that I’m now fit enough to run 2 miles in 22 minutes and change is big.  I’m happy.

I also got to enjoy all sorts of speedy-race success vicariously.  A friend of mine was the first woman across the line.  My son in law came in 4th in the 5 mile race.  My daughter Erika came in first in her age group for the 2 miles.  And my 14 year old son was the 13th racer across the line overall.

One more fun thing:  I won one of the raffle prizes!  Every year they put together a dozen or so really fun gift baskets and randomly choose racers to win.  My basket had a boatload of Starbucks coffee in it, plus gift certificates to restaurants, a hotel, and even our local ski resort.  Icing on the cake.  All in all it was a really good morning.


  1. Looks like fun!! My (then 8 year old) son and I ran a 5K last May. It was his first and his only goal was to beat me!! Haha! He did! He took off very fast and then had to walk, but would run anytime I got near him! : )

  2. How Fun! Good for you – great family outing.

  3. congratulations!

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now and you have encouraged me to try out running. I am using the Couch 2 5K iPhone app and tomorrow I finish my 8 weeks and will be running 35 minutes straight. I never thought that I could do it and especially did not think that I would actually like it. But I have and I do. I will have to work on my speed now and I plan to run in my first 5K in October. Congrats to you and your family for your wins! And thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Mary I think you’ll inspire a lot of people with this post. Literally anybody can take up running, and it’s one of the most time-efficient ways to get in (and stay in!) shape. Love it!

    PS: Smart move not getting caught up in the fast-running euphoria when the gun went off! Tortoise and the hare and all. 🙂


  6. Well done!! I am looking forward to the day when my kiddos are able to run with me. Have they run with you from the start?

  7. Congratulations! Local races are always so much fun, and usually fairly inexpensive to enter too! They are even more fun when your family all joins in. My 16 year old ran 3 5Ks with me so far this year. In the first race with him I got a personal record just because I wanted to make sure he stayed on course so I tried to keep him in site, and well he is faster than me.

  8. Congratulations! Sounds like an awesome morning!!

  9. Congrats to all the runners in your family. I’m back running again after knee surgery for a meniscal tear a while back. I was thinking of just sticking to walking, which I still do daily, but I missed running too much. I’m running about 25 minutes without any stopping (with varying degrees of energy–depending on the day) but have no idea what my mile rate is at this point. You look absolutely fabulous, BTW!