Tiny 150-calorie cheese & crackers

At the start of September I began a fitness/healthy eating challenge with some friends.  It is based on this cool challenge on the Six Sisters’ blog and gives you credits for things like daily exercise, eating fruits/vegs, avoiding sugar, and losing pounds. It is a fun motivation that is coming at a good time for me. Although I haven’t really been avoiding the whole bedtime snack thing (something for which you also gain points in this challenge) I have been eating less at bedtime, which I figure is a step in the right direction.

Salty snacks are my krytonite.  Before I started avoiding wheat, one of the things I liked best at bedtime was cheese and crackers.  Then I switched to cheese and tortilla chips, which jacks up the calories even faster.  It’s crazy how fast you can hit 300+ calories with munchies like that.

On a whim recently, I grabbed a handful of rice chex cereal, and tried combining that with very thinly sliced cheddar cheese.  Lo and behold, it is wonderful.  It has all the crunch of crackers or tortilla chips, as well as the nutrition of the cheese.

Half a cup of chex and an ounce of cheese (3/4 inch square and about 3 inches long) has only 150 calories.  Cut the cheese very thin and divide it into several dozen tiny sandwiches, and you have an adorable little snack that takes a surprisingly long time to eat. 

For the picture up top I made all the little sandwiches ahead of time, but usually I just heap it all on a plate as you see it here, and assemble as I eat. Makes the nibbles last longer, ya know?  I love that it feels like a satisfying snack without wreaking havoc on my calorie count for the day.  Definitely a bedtime win!

Like this idea?  I’d love a pin on Pinterest.  Thanks!  And for those of you interested in my food scale, here’s the one I got on amazon awhile back.  It works great– it goes up to eleven pounds! — and I’ve found it to be a huge help in measuring portion sizes.  When I started my fitness journey two years ago (archives here) I was really off in my estimation of portion sizes, and I think the scale was a big help in getting better at calorie counting.

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  1. We do saltines and cheese or saltines and peanut butter for that in-a-pinch snack. Comfort food is still the greatest standby. Doesn’t take hours cooking or cleaning up. Everyone loves these.

  2. such great memories … when I was little (about 4) my Mother would Butter chex squares for Breakfast for me (never been a cereal and milk fan) A great spin on that as a partially nostagic treat ….

  3. Wow, thanks for the awesome idea!!! 🙂

    I love cheese and crackers too and am tryiing to eat healthier.

    I will definitely give these a try, and a pin. 🙂

  4. Can’t wait to try you snack!!!! My husband gave me the same scale for Christmas. (Yes, it’s what I wanted 🙂 So many newer gluten free recipes have you weigh the flours since it’s more accurate than measuring. It’s come in handy so many times.

  5. You know laughing cow cheese triangles are only 35 calories! My kids are grown so I can buy them and eat them myself, and one is plenty for me!