Mopeless Monday

On Being a Homegirl

Our eldest daughter has started something called Mopeless Monday on her blog — basically a bit of encouragement to be cheerful about each new week. To play along, go visit her and say hi.  Then write a blog post linking to her blog and answer these two prompts:
Smiles from last week: 
Looking forward to:

Smiles from last week: 

~~My fun last week included peaches, lots of them!  We made some into pies for the freezer, ate a couple pies right away and also ate lots of fresh peaches. Yum!

~~We also processed pears, and made one of my favorite things:  Cheddar Pear Pie.  The recipe is in my cookbook, but I’ll also share the recipe and a photo here tomorrow!

~~Saturday morning I enjoyed some time alone with our 7 year old while John and the big kids were off wood-cutting in the mountains.  We played cards, read stories, and made lunch together.  It was sweet time.

Looking forward to:

~~I’m looking forward to sending my book proposal off to my agent.  My hubby has just scanned it for typos, which I need to fix.  Then it’s one more read-through and off it goes!  Crossing my fingers that my agent will like it…

~~This week we also begin school– am gradually getting more psyched for it, and I’m working on a school schedule today.

If you want to play along, go visit Amanda and join in.


  1. Oooh, cheddar pear pie. I need to make some of that soon. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Around here it is apples, apples, and more apples. Applesauce has taken over numerous households in our small town.
    Zucchini is next on the list of ‘to do’ items.
    Looking forward to winter (I adore everything about the season: the cold, the wet, the cold, the snow, the cold, did I say I like the cold?) and with the start of school–no television until the weekends!