Little aunties

Gardening is in the forced-march stage. By now we’ve just about given up on weeding, because more pressing concerns are filling the day. Many lovely things are hitting harvest time, and we must keep eating cabbage and cucumbers and zucchini or else have no space for milk and eggs in the fridge. Tomatoes ripen all over counters and the last plums are getting bird-nibbled on the trees, and the first ripe apples are coming on. And the corn, the lovely corn– it’s just hitting its prime. It’s a wonderful, tiring time of the year, made even more intense by the fact that our garden is so very huge. SO much to do.

Also: I MUST finish book proposal. This week. Because I promised my agent. And I simply cannot face homeschool for the year til it is sent away. Except hubby thinks we really ought to start homeschool soon. Because he wants our kids actually…you know… educated.  Such a gig, this homeschooling thing.

MUST finish book proposal.

In happy news, these little girls are loving being aunties! I’m having so much fun watching them enjoying their chance to be the bigger kids.


So how are you doing as the school year begins? Got anything you MUST finish this week? I can’t be the only one currently buried under a deadline.


  1. Heyyyy, no school pressure now. School in the North East usually doesn’t start until after Labor Day. So no sweat!

  2. I *must* get the very last chapter of my Ph.D. dissertation to my advisor today…! 🙂

  3. My deadline is finishing our homeschool year before we leave for vacation. We don’t take our break during summer as it is too hot in Texas during the summer to have much outdoor fun so we break in the fall.

  4. We are moving in three days…first time in 10 years. All this in the midst of homeschooling 5 kids. My hubby wanted me to wait until we moved, but the thought of not being finished by the end of may killed me ( we would be done by mid June if we started later…and I am mentally tired by may, lol). So, I feel the pressure right now!!!

  5. Does laundry count as a deadline? I’m certainly buried under it!

  6. My big MUST week was last week when we had one of our rentals come open and decided we must list it,however this week were wanted to go camping. So I spent 5 days patching holes left from pictures, sanding repainting, cleaning, mulching neglected flower beds and somehow managing to squeeze in a bit of homeschooling, I was exhausted by weeks end and glad to be experiencing a calmer week this week.

  7. I’ve got a writing deadline too. I have an agent interested in getting Adopt Without Debt to a traditional publisher but I’ve had to lengthen it by 15,000 words 🙂 This is my last week to get it done, revise the proposal and send it off to her.

  8. Prep for the move. The house we are building will be finished in 10 days. My newest Kindergartner insisted we start school with the local public schools.

  9. I had to start homeschooling Monday with a cold and sciatica, and just added a new child to the mix! Pray for me!

  10. I have to say I don’t understand all the self-imposed homeschool pressure. Learning is happening throughout the summer in so many wonderful ways (especially for those who are now harvesting their gardens), and the sky won’t cave in if you miss a few days, a week or even (gasp) a month. It really won’t… (-:

  11. Stephanie B says:

    We are about to move! Isaiah is three weeks old and I still have about half the house to pack! (I packed about half with the nesting bug I had!)

    And we need to restart our homeschool year. LOL

  12. All ready at our house. We ‘school’ all summer so not much to do.