GE: My fresh kitchen


Summertime is when my fresh kitchen really ramps up. It starts in June with fresh chard from the greenhouse, and raspberries and strawberries from our own bushes. By July we have fresh cabbage, and maybe even a few cherry tomatoes. By August I’m rearranging my fridge to make space for everything that’s bursting out of our garden: zucchini, tomatoes, corn, beans, apricots, and even a few early apples.

Recently GE invited me to check out their new french-door refrigerator. It’s not in the budget to buy one right now, but wow, it has some cool features. First on my ‘love-it’ list is the way the freezer is set down low, and consists of two drawers for better organization. That really opens up the more frequently used fresh storage area for convenient access. The fridge shelves are easy to adjust, a plus for folks (like me) who often find themselves trying to shoehorn large items in small spaces. The fridge also features two ice-storage compartments: one in the door for quick drinks, and a large capacity ice drawer for times when you want ice for a crowd. And the water dispenser on the door has a pull-out shelf that actually lets you fill a stock pot with filtered water right there at your fridge.

Go here if you’d like to find out more about the GE French door refrigerator. And if you’ve always wanted to know what kind of wacky things happen when you load two guys, a generator and a fridge into a pickup truck, and tell them to drive across the US filling the fridge with fresh food, Freshpedition‘s the website for you. Though I’d never wondered about such a scenario, I found the series strangely entertaining, gators and all. You can visit the GE Appliances brand page on to read other bloggers’ posts.

And if you’re looking for good ways to use up the fresh produce that’s (hopefully) cramming your fridge this season, you might be interested in the following fresh-kitchen posts from my archives:

How have you been enjoying garden-fresh produce these days?


  1. My daughter had this type of refrigerator in her first house but when they sold that place and remodeled their present house, they bought older version with refrigerator on bottom/freezer on top.

    They did like the convenience of having the refrigerated items at a more handy level but decided the cost factor wasn’t worth just that convenience when buying new.

  2. I’ve played with these at various stores. They make my heart go pitter-patter! Unfortunately, it is neither within the available funds nor would it fit in the space I have for the fridge. I’m not taking out a loan or cabinet space to put one of these in, so I’m left just salivating at the idea. Should I ever win the lottery or have some unknown rich person bestow an inheritance (I know none of my immediate family have money to leave me), I’ll re-do the kitchen with plenty of space for this style.