Giveaway: The World Almanac for Kids, 2013

This easy-breezy compendium of trivia and useful facts about the world intrigued my young teens and preteens the minute it came into our house as a review item. Whether you need to know the population of Senegal, a brief history of ancient Asia, Justin Beiber’s birthday, or all the NASCAR champions since 1985, this book will fill you in. Every page is loaded with pictures in a magazine-style format, drawing kids in quickly and enticing them to turn the pages to learn more, and more, and more. I’m thinking about purchasing more copies as Christmas gifts — judging by my kids’ interest, they’d be a hit with some of my nieces and nephews.

If you’d like to win a copy of your own, comment below and tell me your go-to reference materials as a kid–  how do they compare to what your kids have today?  I still think there’s something to be said for good old encyclopedias, at least for initial research on historical topics.  No need for ‘safe search’, for one thing, and most likely you’ll get a fairly unbiased take on the subject.

I’ll choose one winner early next week.  Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. My go-to resource as a kid was the good ol’ library! I know my son would LOVE this book. He’s a fact sponge. 🙂

  2. The big ole row of encyclopedias in the library!

  3. We had my MOMS set of “The Book of Knowledge” which I would pour over for hours. I still have them!

  4. My parents invested in a set of World Book Encyclopedia when I was little. I would sit and read through them, not only for research, but also just for fun on a rainy day. I also loved the “Tell Me Why” series…

  5. I adored encyclopedias. Research was fun.

  6. Loved the World Book Encyclopedia.

  7. My parents had an old “Bertelsmann-Lexikon”(enzyclopedia) – all facts in one book. I´d love to go trough this one, sometimes loolking up somthing, but most of the time not looking for something peticular. It had special pages in color (the rest of the pcture were in b/w) about mushrooms, fishes or the innerorgans of the humans … very impressive then … and I actually learned a lot by just reading trough. My boy loved a serie which is called in Germany “Wieso, weshalb, warum” by Ravensburger …

  8. While they weren’t my reference staple, those Book of Knowledge were SO entertaining! We spent hours reading them for fun! When I was in school, a little over 20 years ago, it was the library. These kids don’t know how good they have it today, with the world at their fingertips.

    PS my son would LOVE winning this book! He was introduced to the Guinness Book of Records a few months ago and devoured it. Much like we did those Books of Knowledge.

  9. The encyclopedia was something I actually enjoyed just reading through. I would start looking for information for a writing or science project, and then lose a whole bunch of time because I got distracted. 🙂 My kids love the Guiness Book of Records, so I’m thinking they would really enjoy something like this as well.

  10. I am with you – love the encyclopedia! I was sad to hear they will not be printing the paper version anymore – sometimes kids learn so much just flipping through it on the way to what they are looking for. That doesn’t happen when you google! (Well, you might learn stuff, but it probably isn’t good!)

  11. My parents had two sets of encyclopedias. It’s crazy to think that they won’t be printing any more.

  12. World Book was our go to resource. My sons will read this from cover to cover and share everything they learn with us.

  13. My Mom and Dad had the good ole shelf of Encyclopedias!! Even though I have the internet now, I still feel lost sometimes without being able to grab one of those books and look something up! My Middle child would LOVE this book! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  14. I had the library and a set of Compton’s Encyclopedias. As someone with a “trivial mind” (according to my older daughter in response to my question about why I have a lot of useless facts floating around in my brain), this would intrigue me. But if I win it, I’ll give it to my granddaughter.

  15. Andrea Masiewicz says:

    Well, I used an encyclopedia as an elementary aged child, but we had internet by the time I was a teenager and so I used it for most of my high school research. My kids also use the internet. It’s awesome, more complete, takes up less space, and so varied. But we do have Safe Eyes and it’s awesome as an internet filter. 🙂 My kids LOVE the NG ALmanac’s 🙂 They are so fun! We’d love a new version….they check them out at the library. 🙂

  16. Sounds interesting! As a voracious reader, I loved the dictionary as a kid… Still do! I imagine my kids will do a lot more looking at Google, though…

  17. As a Navy brat we had to use the libary. Most military parents do not buy books because they are so heavy to move.

  18. My grandparents bought our family a set of the World Book of Encyclopedias since there were four of us kids. Not sure who ended up with them:(

  19. I used the library for everything. My kids would LOVE this book!!

  20. I remember the first time I had to use the Internet for a project. I was in middle school, it was after dinner and I really needed some information about the Civil War. I was panicky and my dad drove me to his office. We turned all the lights back on and used Ask Jeeves to search for information. I remember it was clunky, hard to navigate to find useful information, and that the filters blocked out most “war” information as graphic. But it was still revolutionary. We got it at our house the next year… so starting with my teenage years, I’ve grown up as a child of the Web! But I remember lots of class periods of learning how to use the encyclopedias and other references. I have a classroom full of fifth graders that would love this almanac!

  21. The Encyclopedia Brittanica set in their special bookcase in the living room. I think my parents bought them when I was an infant! I loved to go throught them and see what I could learn

  22. I always used the library when I needed to research something for school. Come to think of it, I have no idea what I did when I was home and wanted to know something random. Ask mom? Oh the days before the internet…

    I’m not a mom, but I have some friends whose kids LOVE reading the almanac each year. It’d be fun to win it for them 🙂

  23. The dictionary was my favorite go to book!

  24. Jen Higgins says:

    We had a CD-Rom encyclopedia that was really useful. My favortie thing though, was (is) an old thesaurus. It’s from the 30’s and falling apart, but it always has the best words!

  25. I spent hours upon hours at my grandmother’s house reading the World Book Encyclopedias. My older brother and I would argue over who got to look at the “H” book first–with the flip-through pages of the human body that layered on top of each other. We loved those books! The internet is nice and amazing and full of information, but there’s so much monitoring that must be done!

  26. World Book of course!

  27. As a grade schooler, the encyclopedia set was the first place I’d look. I’d even sit and page through them, just because they were interesting had had so many pictures. My husband, a homeschooler, read through the entire set of encyclopedias just because he thought it would be informative. Since my kids are still very young, source they go for research is the field guides for birds, bugs, and butterflies.

  28. Evangeline says:

    My go-to resource was the library.

  29. The World Book Encyclopedia — then the library.

  30. We had a set of encyclopedias too, and I LOVED (still do) the library. My 6 year old has always been hungry for facts about EVERYTHING 🙂 so this is so right up her alley. She loves Usborne & DK books-and her Zoobooks magazines. Thanks for the recommendation too–if I’m not the lucky winner, I’ll still check it out to purchase.

  31. The Encyclopedia Brittanica was the go-to set as a kid. Also, we had some kid encyclopedias that were fun to go through. That brings back memories!

  32. We rarely went to the library when I was a kid – seriously once a year when I was in high school to gather books for research papers. How did we survive?! But we did have a set of World Book Encyclopedias, and that was where we would first start our search when we wanted to know about a subject. They were well-used and well-loved.

  33. We went to the library, but my parents had a library in the finished basement. Years of National Geographic, Encyclopedia Britannica, and lots of picture books for when I was really young. I always loved books.

  34. We had a set of 1984 encyclopedias that we frequently used!

  35. I remember when my parents bought a World Book encyclopedia set when we were old enough to need to research for school. Thought it was great. My son would love this book, as he pores over my Grandmother’s old set of year books.

  36. Encyclopedia!

  37. Just the encyclopedia and the guiness world record book was always fun to pour through as well.

  38. My go to reference as a kid was World Book, today my kids go straight to Google.

  39. I grew up an Army brat, moving every 2 to 3 years. One of the first things I found in every new place we moved was the library. I knew how to navigate to every part of the dewey decimal system and the card catalog by the time I was 8. It was a constant thing in a world that never was for me. Even now when I step into any library I have the feeling of coming home. The smell of books, the sound of whispers, and the smile of the librarian are some of my favorite things.
    I love that even now my kids can have that same experience. The library, the home of all the information in the world.

  40. We had only a dictionary at home, but it was huge! My schools all had a library and I went every morning before school without fail. As fascinated as I would be by this book, I would give it to my 3yr old grandson who asks me to read to him every nap time and bed time and any time I bring him a new book. His younger brother is 17 months so he will be enjoying it soon, too.

  41. We had a set of world book encyclopedias on a special shelf that was so fun to read. My favorite was the disection of the human body on vellum type paper…..still can see it. My kids love to read the almanac for kids. This would be a hit with them!!!

  42. My reference go to guide was the set of encyclopedias that my parents bought us. We had no local library to go to. If we had I would have lived there! Mom still has our encyclopedias! My boys love to read these almanacs we own several of them!

  43. I only had a 1960-something set of World Book Encyclopedia and a dictionary. It’s hard to believe what kids have now! I would love this for my son who is 13, plus I teach 6th grade in a Christian school and think it would be a great resource to have there!!

  44. World Book Encyclopedia

  45. The World Book Encyclopedia set! And at family dinners, when we’re all together and an argument erupts about some fact, we STILL pull them out and use them!

  46. We had a set of encyclopedias my parents had splurged to buy…complete with bonus dictionary! 🙂 that I love to pour over as a child. Also, any real itch could be scratched with supplemental library books.

  47. Good old Encyclopedia Britannica! I loved all the pictures and maps. It was nice to have one source – sometimes

    Google searches are overwhelming to sift through for my kids.

  48. Jessica Y says:

    Wasn’t Funk and Wagnall’s an encyclopedia then? I had a set at home that I always used. And actually going to the library, of course.

  49. It was the encyclopedias.

  50. I used my parents old encyclopedia brittanica set or hit the library. My kids are constantly googling anything they want to know although they sometimes rely on old fashioned books.