Giveaway: Elevate the Everyday

Today I’m giving away a copy of blogger/ photographer Tracey Clark‘s brand new book Elevate the Everyday: A Photographic Guide to Picturing Motherhood.  Using a mix of technical tips, personal stories, and inspirational images, Tracey focuses on the beauty in ordinary moments, and helps you see your children in a new way through the lens of your camera.

Halfway through reading this book I was picking up my camera to get some everyday shots of my own. I’ve got more to sort out and share with you later, but here’s one that I love of my older daughter and her baby.  I love the peacefulness on both their faces and the way his sweet little arm is tucked into hers.

And after happening across this article about taking pictures of your friends, I wondered why on earth I don’t do that more often.  Here’s a picture that I asked my daughter to take of my friends Beth and Molly with me one day when they were at our house for a pool day with our kids.

It really is an inspiring book, and I’m thrilled to be giving away a copy. To enter the drawing to win this book, comment below and tell me about a picture you took recently that you love.  For an additional entry, share this post on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, and come back to comment again and tell me where you shared it.  I’ll pick a winner on Friday!


  1. I love the pictures I’ve been taking of our newest little one. Just wish the days didn’t go past so fast!

  2. Went on vacation w/ friends and together we has 8 kids under 8 yrs old. Stayedat a luxury cabin in the smokies w/ GORGEOUS view. Halffway thru the week i noticed perfect little hand smudges on the window. Took awhile for me to figure out how best to capture the prints with the mountain ranges in the background but i finally got one that makes my mother-heart smile!

  3. just last weekend I snapped picture of my hubby, our youngest and our Chinese exchange daughter. the picture warms my heart everytime I look at it.

  4. I try to pick up my camera every day to capture a little of our normal, but it certainly doesn’t always happen. My favorites are when I set the self-timer and jump in the shot with my son. Even if they are blurry or chopping part of my body off, I am in them! And that’s the important part. 🙂

  5. I took pictures of my husband reading to our two girls yesterday morning before church. It was aprecious moment!

  6. Loved a picture that I recently took of my littles and my husband walking hand in hand. It’s one of my favorite sights in the world…

  7. Have a brand new 2 month old baby, so we’ve been taking lots of pictures. Hard to pick one that’s my favorite. He’s the youngest of 7 and I have been trying to capture the other kids interacting with him. Good reminder to just take lots of pics of natural moments even if it means using the flash or having a messy background. So easy to be seeking perfection and miss the beauty of the everyday.

  8. Kristina says:

    My oldest baby is 13 and he won’t let me take his picture, but a month or so ago I got a really good one of him!!!

  9. I got some really great pics on 4th of July of my kids’ delighted expressions when we did a few small fireworks.

  10. My daughter’s 2nd birthday.

  11. I love taking pictures of my youngest (21 months old) ‘reading’ books, his facial expressions are adorable!

  12. Bonita Timmons says:

    I took a picture of my 4 yr old daughter I truly love her beautiful smiles and her many expressions:)

  13. I got a picture of my (almost) 1 yo climbing the stairs for the first time. The proud look on his face is the best!

  14. Rebecca DeWitt says:

    Uggg that’s a hard question. I take so many pictures every day. My favorite most recent would have to be of my son and I at an outdoor concert.

  15. I took a picture of my 2 years old and 6 months old girls. My youngest was in her bassinet basket on the floor, and big sister joined her. Big sister sat in the bassinet while little sister lies down. Big sister used a light receiving blanket to cover the 2 of them. Too cute!

  16. I took a picture yesterday of my six year old and one of his closest buds. His friend is moving far away, so they had one last playdate.

  17. I took a sweet pic of my girls together in the nursery on Sunday.

  18. I recently snapped a picture of my husband preaching on a Sunday morning with my iPod. He’s in Seminary right now and doing fill-in work while preparing for an internship before ordination. His future (current?) career suits him so very well and I love the photo – so glad it was spontaneous. Too bad that the quality of those is so poor! Sigh.

    Thanks for hosting this give-away!

  19. Stephanie McComas says:

    This week I snapped a quick photo of my 11 month old daughter giggling wildly as her daddy held her gently upside down, tickling her chin! Our lives get so busy with our 5 children, age 6 and under that I miss so many of these precious moments. This posting has inspired me to try to do better!

  20. I took one just tonight of my son at the airport as he returned from a 3 week missions trip to Uganda.

  21. sukyee ng says:

    A picture of my son and daughter sitting together in a shopping cart at The Home Depot.

  22. We’ve been all over the place this summer, and I have few photos of all the madness because we weren’t together for much of it. I guess the last photo from my camera that is special is one that was taken of my whole family (siblings, spouses, etc.) the day of my grandmother’s funeral. It’s rare that we all get to be in the same place at once.

  23. I love the bunch where the children are being silly together.

  24. I took a picture of our home we are building & it is starting to look like a house!

  25. I posted on FB

  26. Have a few: someone took a picture of my daughter standing at the intersection of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans while in South Africa—it is amazing, the waters have a slightly different color.
    The other came via email from a different daughter while in South Africa with subject line ‘can i bring him home’ and when i opened it she was petting a baby elephant.

    The one I carry in my purse was taken about seven years ago with all ten kids in their pajamas at a Walmart store morning after Christmas for a planned picture taking. The staff thought they were hilarious and everyone in the store had a good chuckle seeing these ten kids, ages 25 to 10 in their pjs. And, of course, we had to spend a bit in the store after picture was done!!! What a fun morning that was.

  27. Pictures of my sister graduating from Yale. They all wear silly hats to the Class Day ceremony, and hers was a yellow top hat with smily faces on it that we bought in middle school. It was just so amazing to see her looking regal and proud in her Yale gowns, with that silly memorable childhood hat. She may be grown up and successful, but those pictures remind me she’s still my kid sister.

  28. oh, man! not too many pictures of late…the camera batteries are on the blink. must do something about that!

    thanks for the opportunity.

  29. My husband recently took a photo of me and my 16 year old son dancing. My boy took me by surprise when he swooped me up onto the dance floor. I just love this picture. He is smiling and enjoying himself and I am just beaming!

  30. Pictures of my kiddos are my favorite right now.

  31. PastormacsAnn says:

    My #1Son just turned 15 and allowed me to take some birthday photos of him. He’s growing into such amazing young man and is pretty handsome IMHO. 🙂 Those pictures I took that day really make me smile.

  32. I have a lot to choose from from our recent camping trip, but I would say one of my sweet baby enjoying the outdoors.

  33. PastormacsAnn says:

    I posted your giveaway to Facebook.

  34. I traveled over seas this summer and took over a 1000 photos. I wanted to capture not just the different, and unusual, but the everydayness of their lives. One of my favorites was the open air market where the background was a turquoise wall that had seen a lot of years. There are women seated on the ground with large green leaves laid out with their produce to sell. The light was perfect. My only regret was that I was feeling bashful there in the market with my camera and I only shot one or two – not 100. Thanks for the opportunity to win, and I can’t wait to catch up with this blog. Blessings Mary.

  35. On Sunday I took a photo of my Dad with 6 of his great-grandchildren at his 80th birthday party. The littlest one was crying and the mosquitoes were biting – but I love it because of the people in it. I would love to win this book!! Thanks for sharing.

    P.S Great picture of your daughter and her little one!

  36. This book sounds like something I would love! Considering I take pictures every day, it’s not hard to choose a favorite. 😉 It was this morning and Rory had piled on every glittery piece of jewelry she owns, but I didn’t get a sweet picture. Nope, she’s making a crazy face lunging at the camera, and I love it.

  37. My favorite picture that I have taken recently was from a beach trip and we had buried my son in the sand. I took the picture as he was pretending to be an erupting volcano. His smile is perfect. (if you want to see it, it’s here: Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. Last night I took a picture of my sleepy 18mo looking so comfy in her father’s arms. I love shots of life as it happens so much more than posed shots!

  39. I have a picture I took last week of my 3 month old nursing. I love how happy he looks when we’re nursing, I love the picture. Even if I can’t put it up on Facebook.

  40. Earlier this week, my son pulled the towel ring out of the wall, while trying to do an Olympic gymnastics movement. His face was covered with drywall dust and I grabbed my camera to capture it. It’s a memory that I will always have.

  41. my 2 1/2 year son riding like a big boy on the tractor with his his big 15 year brother – priceless!