Getting your money’s worth

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Here are a few Pinterest ideas with a common theme that have caught my eye lately.  Have you ever run out of printer ink right when you needed one more page? Well, here’s a way to reset the cartridge to eke another page or two out.

Did you know that running your rotary cutter blade over a wad of aluminum foil will make your blade sharp again?

And if your mascara bottle is feeling a little empty, a few drops of saline solution will get you a few more uses out of that bottle.

Do you have any tricks for getting the last bit of good out of an item and delaying a trip to the store?  I’d love to hear them!

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  1. To get the stuff out of the bottom of jars, mix a sauce in the jar. For example, I only had a little bit of plum sauce left so I mixed hoisin sauce, lemon juice, soy sauce and spices in the jar. I shook it up and was done.

  2. When a shampoo/conditioner is running low I add some water to bottle. Swirl it around, and the last globs of product come out much easier. Extra plus: no need to lather the shampoo in your palm!

  3. If you have any die punches, punching foil will sharpen those as well.

  4. We cut tubes of toothpaste open when we get to the end of the tube and I usually get 3-5 more brushings from the bit that is left. I use the last bit up and let the family start a new tube to keep it a bit more sanitary.

    To get the last bit of honey out of the jar I pour in hot water and dump the honey water into my mixer bowl to start a batch of bread.

  5. For those few times we have soda, we put all the little bit that is remaining in different bottles into one glass (swamp drink). We do the same thing with juice or lemonade; when just a bit in the pitcher make the new juice right on top of it–makes for very interesting flavors.

  6. Great ideas! Thank you!

    Here’s a few we use a lot:

    + Freeze peeled too-ripe bananas in a zippered plastic bag until you have enough to make banana bread.

    + Flexible spatulas/scrapers are a frugal kitchen’s best friend. A few swipes of the jar will often yield more than a tablespoon.

    + Stale bread can also be frozen in a bag to be tossed in the blender later for some easy (and healthier) bread crumbs. Toss in your favorite seasonings too!

    Our grandmothers lived by the motto, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” and that frugal mentality got them through a depression far worse than our current recession!


  7. I like to make my own foaming soap to save money. You will need to purchase a bottle of foaming soap first (to re-use the dispenser/bottle). Then you can use regular, generic liquid antibacterial soap and dilute it to a ratio of 1 part soap to 4 parts water, and keep on refilling your original dispenser/bottle.

    I like foaming soap because you don’t end up with globs of thick liquid soap on the counter & sink, and you use a lot less soap — and this way is MUCH cheaper than buying pre-mixed foaming soap solution.

  8. Sandwich in Wi says:

    Ketchup–I always save the too-empty bottles in the fridge and when I make chili, I add a little water and swish out the bottle.

    Choc. syrup–Add milk to the end of the bottle, shake up and pour into a glass of milk.

    Coffee cream–same idea. Pour some hot coffee into the almost empty bottle and empty into your coffee.

    Bars of soap–my dad was a master at melding the teeny leftover bars onto a new bar so that eventually he had layer upon layer of different colored bars all blended into one. I’m not that patient. Mine eventually just melt away through the rack in the shower, wasted.