Being Nana – what I like best so far

No Greater Love winners:  #7 Chelle  and #35 Julie.  Send me your addresses, ladies, and I will send you your books.


Being a grandma has got to be one of the best gigs in the world. Seeing two little carseats being carried into our front door by the proud parents on the weekends. Snuggling the chubby sweetness of our little guys. Seeing the sweet drooly baby grins. Watching them learn to turn over and smile and coo. It is all just wonderful.


But the very best part doesn’t have anything to do with the babies. It is watching our daughters becoming mamas. They’re such good moms and they’re loving their little guys so well. It is a gift to me to be able to see.


  1. Simply gorgeous.

  2. Whoohoo!!! Thanks so much. Love those grand-babies!

  3. touches as always by your posts!

  4. I. cannot. wait.

    31 more weeks to go!

    (Give/take, of course)

    I cannot wait to be the “Nana”.